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Looking For Some Regular Players


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Hey guys. I'm from the UK, and as you can tell, my name is Stakhanov. I'm always found playing Io, other infested defence and survival maps such as Ara, Mars. 


I'm mainly looking for a bunch of people who are online on a regular basis to play with. I often play solo and enjoy it, but it'd be nice to play with the same familiar faces a few times, specially as half the people I get in random lobbies seem to have no eyes, end survival missions early because they don't understand English, afk farm XP in defence, you get the idea, yadda yadda.


Anyway, I have a few maxed out guns, Lato, Braton, Dera, Flux Rifle and Lex just to say the least, so if you guys need an extra gun around, just post here and I'll add you next time I get on WarFrame. Or you can inbox me in game, add me in game, I don't mind.


If you're from the UK as well, then you might have a better time connection wise, but I do have a strong Fiber Optic, about 60MB down, 10 up, and I can play with some of my American friends quite well, so it's down to personal preference.

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