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Why don't shotguns have a raw recoil reduction mod like Stabilizer?


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They don't have a normal mod that just reduces recoil, like Stabilizer for rifles. What they do have is:

-A rare mod for 15k Conclave standing or 0.42% drop chance from Conculysts, and only gives 20%, and only while sliding

-A Conclave-exclusive mod

-Another Conclave-exclusive mod, except it increases recoil

Yet with all that, there's no mod for shotguns in PvE that does nothing but reduce recoil. It's bad enough that this game's camera-wobble recoil is nauseating, but I can't even get rid of it when I'm using shotguns? It doesn't make sense. For that matter, why do some of them even HAVE recoil? On a lot of them you just don't fire fast enough to have to control recoil, on top of the fact that with the way recoil is designed, it's rarely something you control at all like it is in other shooters. Like, what is recoil on the Corinth doing for it, exactly? Not making it more fun or skilful, that's for sure. It certainly doesn't make it more punchy or satisfying; with the gun's amazing sound design and visuals, the recoil only spoils it. It's certainly not affecting its balance.

If recoil isn't going to change, just add a -60% recoil exilus mod for shotguns, please. 

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