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Yo Community, De Heard You Like Keys...


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(original)So they put a Vault in the Void so you can use a key to unlock it after you used a key to unlock it.


Edit: Update: The Keys need keys to craft!!!!


(updated) So they put a Vault in the Void so you can use a key to make a key to unlock it after you used a key to unlock it.



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Actually, unpopular opinion here, I'm excited to hear about the new keys/vaults.

Under the assumption the rewards are worth it, this adds a lot of play time to the game for me.

I actually enjoy playing the game in all aspects, it's just running all these other missions is seen as pointless to me because I want to maximize what time I DO have to play to greatest potential.


These keys add another thing for me to collect on the random missions that I do.

The only thing that I ask of DE is to have good resource allocation, selectable resources, or even resource vaults.

I love the Orokin Derelict ship resource allocation. I really do. I also love earth's. Earth has my least favorite distribution of tilesets/missions with the exception of Eurasia. That's possibly one of my favorite Mobile Defense levels of all time.

What I don't like? Salvage, Morphics, Rubedo, Alloy Plate, Nano Spores domination throughout the solar system. (well tbh they don't phase me much anymore) when selecting missions I find it regrettable when I have to go to planets dominated by a lot of resources I don't use often/have a massive surplus of.)


How about special key missions that let us choose the resources contained within'?

Or maybe an illusion of choosing by attempting to craft keys using a mixture of parts/coordinates/whatever-floats-your-boat to get to places with randomly predetermined but well allocated resource combinations.

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I swear, DE contradicts themselves SO much.


What happened to not wanting the game to be a grind? They said they want to fix that, but then they just keep adding more and more grind, over and over again...

I'm pretty sure they learned their lesson after the poopstorm of Update 10.


But by all means, continue making assumptions and (until proven otherwise) false accusations.

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I do consider it odd that they'd put these Vaults ONLY in the Derelicts, and up until now, the Derelicts' only purpose was: A) the Nekros blueprints, and B) Mutagen Samples. It's nice that they're giving us more reasons to actually play Derelict missions, but the fact that their only other use requires you to buy another key ( and that key might not even open the Vault, mind you ) is really..



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