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Ukemi Manuevers On Knockdown


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Can DE let create a mechanic like this please? Would make combat a little more dynamic and reward appropriate reaction and timing with being able to avoid a knockdown attack. It'll also make Conclaves a little more interesting.


EDIT: Old idea. See Ystella's thread on this:


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tech roll

A defensive action taken by a character who has been knocked down, to escape a potential okizeme situation or to dodge an incoming ground attack or pounce. The usual animation for a tech roll is either a kip up or handspring, or alternatively, a roll (from which its name is derived), or sometimes a rolling sidestep. The timing for entering a tech roll command is usually very strict, and usually cannot be performed by a character hit with a crumble or knocked prone rather than supine.

We have been asking for this since before open beta. DEs response once Mods 2.0 rolled around were junk filler mods instead of an actual mechanic that would utilize player skill.

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