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Boxing Ring


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We should have a boxing ring that disables all mods and automatically equips us with appropriate hand-to-hand equipment. There are two types of matches.



Kogake Kickboxing: Fast-paced light-hitting combat! Each competitor has their shields set to 50 and health to 300, and are armed with a Kogake. This element of the Kogake's normal punching attack is changed to Serrated Blade to prevent stunning on every hit. If a Tenno is ragdolled, he can execute an ukemi roll or flip just before he hits the ground by tapping jump. Each Tenno has a 'stun meter' that slowly recharges over time. Each time a hit is taken, the stun meter will lower. When the stun meter is depleted, normal punches can stagger the Tenno, and ukemi maneuvers are impossible.


Furax Fisting: Deserves an award for the best event name. Heavy-handed boxing, no shields allowed! In Furax Fisting, each Tenno has their shields completely depleted and health set to 750. Stamina is doubled. Blocking a normal attack will stun the attacker. Charged attacks cannot be blocked. Blocking slide attacks will repel both Tenno backwards. Blocking a jump attack will knockdown both Tenno. Jump attacks will continue to knock down enemies if they hit. Furax Fisting is an alternative that is more focused on reaction and timing.


Note: In Furax Fisting, the damage types of the punches are swapped, so the normal punch does Serrated Blade damage and the charged attack deals Physics Impact damage. This is so that the normal attacks do not stagger but the charged attacks do.



In both combat modes, holding down the aim button will result in a block, allowing for better maneuverability and execution of the evasive backflip.

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So, does it mean that your frame needs to have that specific weapon equipped? or is it provided when you enter the arena? If you have the weapon already, are you free to use it (cause colours LOL) ? Just some questions.


But yea +1 to more recreational activities for dojos.

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