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New Frame Suggestion!


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Hi all,


I've had a thought about a possible new frame that would be cool if it was implemented into the game.

Here are my current suggestions on it's details.


NAME: Aero


GENDER: Either or, doesn't matter




Here are my current suggestions for her/his techniques:


1. GUST - Sends a jet of air at a singular enemy knocking them backwards off their feet, (Does slight damage, also can send enemies off ledges, cliffs e.t.c).


2. WIND SHEER - Temporarily enhances Strike/Swing Speed for your Melee weapons. (Animation could have a wind effect blowing around your melees.)


3. AIR POCKET - Applies an Air Stream underneath a singular enemy, suspending them in the air for a few seconds, with them flailing about before dropping them. (Does Average damage every second).


4. GALE FORCE (Ultimate) - Creates a devastating Whirlwind/Hurricane which grabs and spins enemies around in the air which leaves them flailing about not able to move. (High Damage every second).


Let me know what everyone thinks :)

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1 and 3 seems like both banshee's push and vaubans bastille.


1.Gust (would be sorta useless since making enemies fall from heights/ledges would just respawn them somewhere)


I heard were going to get a non caster frame soon.

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Love the ideas.


1) Gust is similar to Banshees push, Fammia is right. But as more frames are introduced your going to get similar powers renamed, with a different animation. Theres only so many ways you can kill a unit with an ability. But its in Theme 


2) This is awesome, Saryn adds poison as we know but this fits perfectly and adding speed will reduce the need for a "Fury" mod with your melee with this frame, or if you have Fury equipped it could be lightning fast attacks for a short duration. Love this


3) Similar to Vaubens, but you have said SINGULAR target, not a whole circle with whoever comes into to it. So it is a bit different.  I thought another option here could be a power that gives you a short burst of speed run ( not as fast as volts) but also leaves mini whirlwinds/Tornadoes in his/her wake. Whether they do damage with enemies that come close or stun and hold enemies or any enemy that touch's one gets ragged dolled across the screen?! not sure, just some options. you could keep name Air pocket or something like "Jet stream"


4) Gale force is great, you could have a singular tornado, or a multiple of smaller winds that throw enemies in all directions. Yes it would be chaos, but oh what fun!!! 


anyway, great putting your ideas up.

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1 would also be similar to Nekros' Soul Punch now. Maybe change it so far, that this Gust of wind blows at the height of their feet, knocking them over and pushing them back a bit - making them a perfect aim for a headshot right after.


2 would be nice as team buff.


4: Does that tornado stay in a fixed position, does it move with you, does it move on its own? However, sounds fun. :)

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My concept is "Wolf Warframe" 




Health-100 (220 max)

Shields-150 (300 max)



Energy-120 (250 max)




1.)- Howl: wolf howls at the enemy's causing them to flee in fear for d duration of time


2.)- Hunter: wolf cloaks himself turning completely invisible, while also boosting teams melee damage for a duration of time but sacrificing 30% shields. (duration 20 sec- 40 sec, damage +400 to all weapons)


3.)- Wrath: user slams his arm into the ground causing all enemy's within range to take heavy damage (distance 6.5 meters, damage 400-1000)


4.)- Wolf pack: wolf howl's summoning a pack of energy created wolfs to aid him in battle for a duration of time (1-5 wolf's, each wolf hp 200-400, damage 100-300, duration 1 min-2.5 min.)


And if you don't like those i have more listed below.


Powers cont-


Paw print- user marks locations of all items on radar( 3-5 meters around player)


Alpha wolf- user takes 20% of all damage from all allies and converts it into a blast that damages all enemy's within its radius, if allies have been killed or are currently down it does an extra +300 damage.


Wolf run- user boosts speed for a duration of time to all allies.


Beast- user drops all weapons (sheaths or holsters them) and attack's using hand to hand combat greatly boosting attack and shields for a short amount of time.(20-40 sec)


Thick fur- increases armor and shields to all allies, while also taking away 20% ice damage.(1 min-1.3 min)


Sharpen'd claws- boosts melee attack to all allies for a short time.(10 sec-40 sec)


Growl- increases attack increases drastically but decreases armor for a short time to all teammates.(10-20 sec)


Story: Wolf is a damage dealing fast moving animal, with less strategy to his attacking he has been able to break through grineer bases all through the galaxy and save number's of tenno, with his aggressive nature he is best suited for players looking to deal damage but not take it. Also works best in a team but can play solo using his wolf pack, and beast form for when he wants the quick kill.








i did not draw the picture above nor do i own them, i am just using it as a similar description of what i am implying, until i can use my camera to upload my own drawing's.


please comment and tell me what you think :D
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