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Searching for a TennoGen-Cooperation

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Hey there fellow Tenno,

I... uhm... dont know if this is an acceptable way of doing so, but I would like to ask for your help. Since we are allmost all locked up in our homes, I thaught I could give it a try and contribute to this awesome game through creating content in the TennoGen Workshop. But to say it simple: I suck. I lack both patience and skill to model something more challenging then a ball. But when its about sketching or drawing I am kinda good. So I would like to ask for someones help who knows what he is doing in the TennoGen-Workshop. So many great creators upload their projects and I would like to get at least the chance to contribute. So far I was just thinking about creating some operator-related content. If someone is interested I would love to hear from you. Maybe we can create something together in these sick days.

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