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Remove Or Revamp Those Lazy Uncreative Weapons


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It's a well-known issue that new players look at the market and are overwhelmed by the big amount of weapons the game throws at you. But the real flaw here is the super dull variety you're given. I'm of course not talking about Glaive, Bows, etc. - weapons that are fun to play for once. It's your usual selection of weapons: Pistols which go "pew pew", Machine Guns which go "pew pew pew!", countless melee weapons which are gameplay-wise the very same..

Please bring some new creativity to the loadout. I pretty much doubt the majority wants yet another load of guns which shot faster, slower, do more damage, have higher crit and all those other standard bonuses you give to a weapon.
The heat blades are a nice gimmick but let's be honest: no one ever uses the bonus fire damage from the jump attack on Infested more than once or twice. Or the burst weapons: Burston, Sicarus and Kraken. You can manually burst with your finger AND use the weapon for long range at the same time while there's an extra weapon just for that which you can only use at short-mid range?

Some strategic elements maybe? An immobilization shot for the sniper which disables the enemies movement, shooting ability, sight and accuracy with it depending on which part of the enemy you hit. A shotgun that shoots one bullet which splits into a bunch of splinters after it penetrates his first enemy. A gun that shoots a laser orb which after being shot stays at a fixed range which you can move around with your mouse. A Fragor that rockets blasts enemies in a straight line damaging anything it hits. A sword that properly repels bullets or charges bullets as you block shots with it and then releases all of them with the charge move.

There's some ideas. Whether they're easily implemented is another question but that's a WHOLE lot better than dual the crap out of every pistol (you gotta admit. That's pretty damn lazy) or make a bunch of new machine guns which look awesome but we players don't stare 24/7 at them, the mechanics are what really represents the weapon in the end.

You can have the finest car in front of your door but if you have to drive it Flintstone style it quickly removes all the beauty in it.

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it's indeed confusing for new players. Some of my friends asked the same question : what should i buy / build. And the generic answer is : they are all the same, just the play style differs. But since they are new players, they have no idea what to choose, they have no play style yet. It's like choose between orange and apples without ever biting into them.


I do not agree that after 100 hours of playtime any of the weapons should be removed. They are special in their way. However adding really special weapons would be a great step forward. The forward steps is dangerous since most of the time it leads to game inbalances.

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Miter is pretty damn creative. But it's considered by most to be gimmicky.


Special snowflake weapons are good when the entire game has about 5~10 weapons where each weapon plays a specific role in a specific map area (Halo:CE comes to mind), not when you have an arsenal of them and are players dropped in random areas that might not complement the specialist weapon they are carrying.

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Nah, they need to do something about those dumb alert swords. Those swords are pretty weak and they aren't even that cool. They used to be cool back in closed beta but now they are pretty lame.

Don't you dare think about doing away with my beautiful Panglin Sword. Don't. You. Dare.

I agree that old weapons need some attention, and that they need to be brought up to par with newer weapons.

However, I will vehemently disagree with any removal of weapons, or simply "tiering" weapons into categories of viability. Removing them is lazy, and a bit of a slap in the face to anyone who invested any time or resources in them. Tiering them is a bit more acceptable, since it doesn't arbitrarily take things away from anyone, but it will make a LOT of people unhappy. Namely people who love using weapons that are decent, but get completely neglected on account of being lower tier. I don't much like most of the "high tier" weapons in the game at the moment. I can make do with "low tier" weapons, but it shouldn't be too much to ask to make all weapons equally viable. Sure, some will inevitably be more powerful than others. But this game has gone too far down the path of allowing players to pick and choose which weapons they want to use based on how much they like said weapons to make a 180 degree turn and tell them they have to follow the trends set by the overzealous min-maxers.

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