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Half Minute Ninja Open For Another 30 Seconds!


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Now that I caught your attention, sit down, relax. There's no hurry *laughs*


We're a tight crew of around 15 active players and just recently upgraded our clan from Ghost to Shadow. The idea of HMN is to offer a place where to hang out and possy up for voids/derelicts/alerts/boss runs/etc.

Our Dojo is fully built and all clantech is available. We're looking forward to the implementation of trading.

We're also fairly casual, as Warframe is a casual game, but we're proud of playing to the best of our capabilities, we love to combine abilities and frames for effect, we enjoy to play around and experiment, see where it takes us.

If you're interested to try us out feel free to /w me (NIL0S) in-game or add me to your friends list (I will get back to you sometime soon).

No muss no fuss type deal ;)

Edit: Typos.

Edited by NIL0S
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