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Mods To Increase Range


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Ok, so we have and are getting more limited range (or 'bullet-drop') weapons (not including melee) such as:


All of the bows
all infested tech
throwing secondaries
and the upcoming Xbow sidearm i assume will be limited in its range also.


obviously we have reach for our melee range, how about with all these limited range, ranged, weapons we get a class of mod that allows for a longer range. allowing arrows to fly further, knives to be thrown further, ignis ploom and infested tech to extend thier reach?


Obviously, bows need this least of all limited ranged weapons, but i include them for those that do use them at great distance anyway.


the mod would scale something like: 10%/15%/20% or something like that.


sure not everyone is gonna use it, but there are alot of mods that people dont use except in special situations.



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Not bad.

Although I think Puncture mods actually speed up travel time.

Not sure though.

puncture only allows for bullet penetration through specific cover and surfaces, also other warframes and enemies. and my idea is not so much travel time, but the range of the projectile or beam or cloud or thrown item goes.

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well if (in your opinion) only 1 ability makes volt not 100% useless (i know many think it, dont get me wrong) then he just needs a skill re-work or to be removed.


these mods however will open up more incentive to, and playstyles with, the range limited weapons without having to use a whole warframe to get it.

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I guess DE would break it down in at least 5 separate mods.

A mod to reduce arc of the projectile for primaries (bows, torid) and for secondaries (throwing knives)
A mod to increase a hard range limit for primaries (ignis, synapse, flux rifle) and one for secondaries(embolist, spectra)
A mod to reduce damage falloff of primary shotguns (broncos don't have damage falloff)

Still, I'd like it so +1

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