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Can we get a new 2h Nikana stance?

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I'm really enjoying the Pennant. It's a mean lookin' blade, and it's got a fun gimmick that works well with the light/heavy hybrid builds I like to make.

But Wise Razor's not particularly fun. Is it good? Yeah. It's got some nice forced slash procs and all that good stuff. 

However, its gap-closer isn't particularly outstanding (Calling Thunder), and it's missing an entire combo. Which isn't total dealbreaker for me, but I like having the option to use all four.

For what it's worth, the moves in Wise Razor LOOK awesome with the little flourishes and whatnot.

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Agree.  Wise Razor itself could use some touching up too.

But I really want all the single PVE stance weapons (especially) to get more options.  I expect DE will start doing this now that they're introducing stance forma.

I don't know how good they are--and it wouldn't do anything for 2h Nikana obviously--but it would help a lot if the conclave stances or improved clones of them were made available in PVE.  

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