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Can't. Choose. Secondary!



I find it pretty easy to decide which primary and melee blueprints to buy, but when it comes to choosing a secondary weapon I'm always at a loss. It's so bad, that my Lato has been rank 30 for a while now. So I turn to you, Tenno!

So I need a Secondary that will serve well as a long-range weapon, since I prefer to leave medium range to my primary (currently a Burston). I bought the BP for a Vasto, but 4 neurodes is a tall order for a newbie like me. So if you can help it, please avoid suggesting a sidearm that requires neurodes to craft. Also, I'm not going to buy a sidearm with Platinum. Finally, I'm only Mastery 2, so that will limit my choices as well.

I've been looking at the Lex, Viper, Kunai and the Bolto, but I'm open to any suggestions!

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I vote for Lex, Kunai/Despair or Hikou.


Personally I went for the Hikou and It's still my favourite till this day. I even potato-ed and forma-ed it.


You can check out weapon reviews on YouTube if you want a basic idea of what each weapon is like.

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