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Please include this corinth "hidden feature" to corinth prime

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so i heard corinth will be getting prime version soon..

pls include feature that if u surrounded by many enemy your corinth will be like super weapon. your corinth is aim to the sky but the bullet is still hit enemy in front of u ( like seeking bullet ) cool right ?

yeah, yeah, i know, i know, u will say its bugs ! i thought to myself too...

but its been like this for years !!! there is no bugs that stay that long, if there is bugs. the developer this big will fix that faster than your daddy's car !

so its must be hidden special feature ! like zaw nikana 'exclusive' skins that will make your zaw nikana become air nikana or when u finish quest that so complicated, the game will force u to start over again and again to help u to understand... and many more ! man.. this game have so many hidden special feature !


hidden feature corinth :






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23 hours ago, Asphyxxia said:

Can someone translate please

Sounds like they want the automatic airburst back, and indirectly wants the reload per shell method like the Strun (Wraith) and normal Corinth. Followed by something that isn't considered good feedback.

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