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Daikyu not working properly with Mecha Overdrive


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As the title says.

Daikyu, with default Status Chance of 46% and with 4 60/60 mods has 156,4% Status Chance. Kubrow with nothing but Mecha Overdrive, which gives a 60% Status Chance link gives the Kubrow 35,6% Status Chance.

Shedu, which has exactly half the default Status Chance, 23%, with 4 60/60 mods has 78,2% Status Chance - still a half, however the Kubrow with Mecha Overdrive now has 51,9% Status Chance.

Please fix this. I got Daikyu with the sole purpose to use it as a stat buffer for my beloved Kubrow.

Thank you.


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Furthermore, I have now noticed Critical Chance has an issue as well.

My Daikyu has 147,9% Critical Chance and Kubrow with nothing but Hunter Synergy, which gives a 30% Critical Chance link has 42,6%.

However, my Battacor has 125,2% Critical Chance and my Kubrow gets 47,5%.


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I found a similar topic from August 2019, which was also mostly ignored. 

Apparently the issues persists for several months now.

I have further tested this issue in Simulacrum and found that Daikyu is in fact not inflicting Statuses at all. As you can see on the screenshot below, the Bombard got hit by a single arrow (Multishot applied) with Cricital hits, proving the weapons Critical Chance works, but on the other, you can also see two instances of Impact, one instance of Fire, Viral, and Slash have been inflicted on the enemy but there are no Status effects next to it's name and neither Fire, Slash, nor Viral effects activated on the enemy.


I understand DE's focus is with Scarlet Spear, but please try to fix Daikyu as well, it shouldn't be too much work.

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1 hour ago, Candarrian said:

Yeah its been a really long time since daikyu got super buggy and its been bad ever since, i really doubt DE even cares at this point.

I'm doubtful as well.

I was forced to look for other weapons to use as a Kubrow buffer, but I did like Daikyu a lot, so it's a shame it's in this state with no vision of a fix 

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18 hours ago, Candarrian said:

So far ive been really liking kuva chakkurr as kubrow buffer, was thinking about trying out kuva kohm too 😄 both are also valid weapons too

I have to admit I don't like either of those, even though I know their stats are very good. Well, I might like Chakkurr if I could put a skin on it. 😄

Nova Atomic bundle, unfortunately didn't deliver on this...

So far, I've tried Prisma Grinlok, Opticor Vandal, Cernos Prime, and am currently trying Kuva Karak. Unfortunately, the last three all need a +CC +SC Riven in order to bring Kubrow's CC and SC stats to 80% and higher. Daikyu is the only primary weapon I like that actually doesn't need a Riven to reach 80%, but with one, it can easily go to 100% and higher....if it worked. Even though it's awkward to use, it has power far surpassing the others and is very satisfying to use, because unlike Opticor, it can one shot even level 150+ enemies reliably.

However, after using all of the mentioned weapons, unless Daikyu is fixed, I'm afraid Kuva Karak is going to be a winner (once I roll the right Riven for it) as it is, so far, the only weapon that can comfortably handle endgame (SS, RJ, Lich) content, wheres the others lack in the DPS capacity due to their firing modes (Opticor, Daikyu and Cernos) or fire rate (Grinlok).

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