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Captura Take Two Contest [Winners Announced]!

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people do rival , duo  in anime ,game, blah blah..

...so what about our realife, the fight, with alive and death !  IGN:Press-B-to-Blow


this is bonus,not for the contest ,nezha chill with operator


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I can't think of any iconic duo I could re-create, but I will still post my captura with operator and umbra. I'm proud of this one.


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Ryuk & Light Yagami from Death Note.

Everything was done in-game and every additional item to the photo was added by using texts objects from captura mode itself.

The eyes in particular were done by using text objects directly from captura ".." "." "." and were positioned with a lot of patience 😄 

Hope you guys enjoy our work!

Starring:     Me - Ryuk      |      @AlloNPG - Light Yagami




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