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Poking the Dead

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So I noticed a lot of these RP posts around here have been archived. I guess I'm just curious on what the general census is with regards to RP in Warframe. I know it was already a small community to begin with, but it feels as thought it has shrunk even more after the last couple of content droughts. What do people prefer to RP on exactly when it comes to Warframe? I know I personally try to do as much RP in-game as possible because that's what I'm used to and I feel like there are opportunities for RP in-game if you put some elbow grease to it.   

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Since you commented on my post, I suppose its only fair that I throw my style into the ring:
I personally like the darker topics surrounding Warframe. The gore, the torment, the savory suffering that occurs. Questions that remain unanswered such as; What exactly happened when a target of a Capture mission is 'interrogated'? Who exactly engineered the Grineer into a Slave race? How would someone reverse engineer Umbra's turning? What happens if a Tenno becomes addicted to Kuva like Teshin warned against?
It is often times hard to find roleplayers that are interested in the gory, less sunshine topics of Warframe's lore, and the questions they pose. Very few can stomach the intricate details of describing how a Corpus Crewmen's interior becomes its exterior from a ruthless shotgun blast. 
My style is a slightly over-described form of torment and blood lust which most find repulsive. 
That being said its been noted in my experience that you get one of two choices when it really boils down for active Roleplay. Those two choices being 'Playing House' or 'Erp'. If those two don't appeal to you, then one is quite out of luck. A few common themes around the community as a whole are LGBTQ. Not that this is a bad thing, but it is a common theme that this community in particular is quite sensitive to many things, and over look in-game lore for the sake of their own sanity. Blending of the two options is common, and even more so with the LGBTQ community. Again, not a bad thing, but if it isn't your way of life: probably not the best place to stick around. Likewise many Warframe based roleplays don't have an endgame, or goal in mind. This is hard because its roleplay without a real means of a goal. There's rarely story, and typically no one is allowed to use lore-based weapons such as War, or Paracesis. This leads to heavy restrictions, and inhibits roleplay significantly, as no one can have anything related to lore. Such heavy restrictions inevitably leads to a roleplay that is less enjoyable than the game its based upon, and often times has less variety to do things within it than the game. 

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I take every chance I get to add some light RP to the current situation.

Just today, a conversation went something like this (Scarlet Spear, ground):
*As a Limbo, I plopped a bubble over the Oplinks and ran off to another tile*
Me: There's a high probability that the next one will land here
*tagged with a waypoint and waiting*
*defense ends, the new sentient dropship drops near waypoint*
Arriving squadmate: How did you know?
Me: I'm Limbo.
Squadmate: ^^
Me: Looking at the shapes of the tilesets, and considering that we've already had 3 dropships, this was the most logical outcome.
Me: The next one should be to the east and the one after that to the North of that.

As a Volt, I feel it's mandatory to have a Flash build, properly fashioned. Leaving behind a lightning feels great.
Refering to Flash is not mandatory. I refer to speed. Dropping "GottaGoFast!" or "I am speed!" as opportunities present themselves.

When something out-of-ordinary appears, I tell the squad to scan it (someone's lich, for example). Some just go for it and get a bit of Simaris rating. Rare ones actually consider it and ask "Why?". I tell them that this one is quite rare and Simaris would be happy to get more scans of a specimen like that. Even if we don't see it again, several devices doing the scan adds to the reliablility of the data.

As Octavia, I play music. 2/3 songs that I use have crouch-spam enabled while also sounding good. The third one disregards it in favor of sounding good.
If waiting on extraction, I sometimes equip Shawzin and play.
Did you know that when playing as Octavia, you can let the rythm play while you're playing shawzin? There's an added UI option for that.

But my default "role" is a turret Volt. I'm placing shields and going turret mode when an opportunity to stand in place presents itself. Even in low-lvl missions.
Sometimes I use a specter and put it on hold, so there's more of us doing that thing (the specter also places the shield and snipes enemies).
The build focuses on quickly casting long-lasting shields. There's no strength or range in that build, leftover mod slots are invested in tankiness. The sentinel has set mods for bonuses.

I decided on looking noble and stoic. Due to shields, camouflage is not an option. Spent some plat to get the Proto skin and another animation set. Metal mesh area is painted golden, most is white and the rest is light-blue. Primary weapon is a sniper, fitting the noble idea. Unfortunately, the difference between Rubico and Vectis made me abandon Vectis. Less "noble", but hey! At least it looks like it has a scope.

The character prefers hitting hard from long range. Usually doesn't talk much, but does his job as professionally as possible.
My best catch so far is a Demolyst.
The game went on for quite a long time and bodyshots didn't 1-shot the Grineer anymore even though my Rubico had a 4x combo bonus. I was positioned on the side of the Demolyst's path to the console. 6 shields were up, stacked into each other, facing the path. The Demolyst turned out to be a Nox. It died by a single headshot. The stacked shields provided +300% electric damage and +0.5 to crit modifier. Shock Trooper added additional 100% electric. I had hoped for an orange crit, but the Vigilante set made it red. Hunter munitions made it proc slash. I didn't catch the number because I was focused on my aim and hitting it again, but I think it was a 1 with 6 digits after it.

And now I have that. A story to tell.

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