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Will Lotus Eventually Stop Speaking English Too?


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Just you wait until they make her sound like the adults from The Peanuts...

"Wah wah wahwah wah wah"

"Oh lotus, another objective? You're making this really difficult..."

"Wah wah. Wahwah wah wah wahwah."

"Alright, I'm on it..."

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i remember reading a DE somewhere in forum say there was gonna be a Lotus 2.0


and i'm pretty sure she wont stop using english since she's givin the tenno (AKA us) information if she was to talk some foreign langage like the grineer we wouldnt be able to use said information

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But it'd probably become normal for a heavy unit to approach.

Someone once sugested an interesting idea about why she says "Something's strange, a heavy unit is approching" he said that she might mean that something anormal is happening on her "radar" meaning that a heavy unit is approching

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