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Standing Vigil


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    The Grineer. They count themselves as the rightful rulers of this solar system. An evolution of man, bound by machine. They stand for nothing but their own corruption, their very own genes wilting like a flower on a dying tree. Disharmony. It is so blatant that even I wonder what force drives them, that pushes their emaciated forms to remove what little being they have and replace it with the cold heart of grinding machinery. They discovered us in our sleep, and disturbed us. We awakened - and we rose, riling against their twisted frames, cutting them out like a cancer that infects the very core of this system. But more come, no matter how many we cut down, to replace those that stood before. We can only turn to the Lotus and their guidance for direction.


Chapter 1: Misdirection


       My assault ship set a round orbit, placing interception time precisely as the moon scatters their medium range detection systems and the ionizing radiation given off by the planet's rings interferes with long range communications. The Lotus decreed that this was a clear target of opportunity, one which could not be ignored. The docking clamps thudded against the hull, the whir of grinder blades cutting through it with mechanical efficacy to create an entry point. The severed hull plates landed harshly on the steel decking inside the ship - luckily the scanners picked up no lifeforms within sound detection range.

      I surveyed the surroundings only to find it exactly the same as every other Grineer vessel. Dull, grimy and rust coloured - even the air smelt of old dust as if to reflect the condition of this old ship's history. Taking my first step out into this ship confirmed it - swirls of dust echoed up with my footsteps, obscuring the luminescence of the sun pouring through the plexiglass windows like thick syrup and casting cloudy shadows in my wake.

      My target was a high ranking captain in the Grineer clone army, he was described as someone akin with royalty amongst them - for him to be here in a dingy place such as this struck me as wrong - although having seen the cadaverous forms they take as they are now, it didn't seem out of place for them to neglect their vessels as they do themselves. I cast the notion aside and progressed with my task.

     I progressed through the rooms, seeing nothing of worth or value in any, until I found a small air duct cover that looked as though it had been pried off and hastily re-attached at some earlier point. Stealth would ease my journey to my target - and so I began repeating the actions, prying the corners of the grate out of the rubber seals with the tip of my Skana until it was loose enough to pull off by hand. I lifted the grate back up to cover the ventilation duct so as to avoid suspicion from passing patrols, although judging from the undisturbed dust that coated the flooring it hardly looked as though this place was frequented, if at all.

    I crawled through the vents, taking turns that lead vaguely in the direction of my ship's way-point. Occasionally the vent was punctuated by another grill, giving me a view out of the vent and into another part of the ship. All of it seemed neglected or disused - the ship seemed abandoned at best, although traces of life were still apparent. Discarded food ampoules, quietly beeping alarm panels- a full rack of evacuation pods dissuaded me of any thoughts they had left, and my scanners picked up no traces of incoming or outgoing ship traffic within months.



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