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Livestream Schedule: March 23-27.

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On 2020-03-23 at 7:01 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:


As we are all working from home for an unknown amount of time, we wanted to make sure we could connect on Livestreams to talk about the game we make and love: Warframe! 

Every Monday, expect a post like this that outlines the weekly Stream Plan! These streams are being broadcast from our host’s homes, expect some lower production value,  but we'll do our best. 

This week, join us at twitch.tv/warframe or mixer.com/playwarframe for the following: 


Thank you for keeping the streams going, certainly is a nice distraction from the current global situation for those of us at home!

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I want youS to thank youselves and all your coworkers for me for trying your best to keep my game going even though I complain about the pc advantage or whatever trivial thing i focus on in some moment. It is also a great time to carefully chronologue your struggles and how y'all manage to carry on til we get through this. I shall be naming my for historical streams with  clever, sad, funny or sarcastic titles.

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Again, sorry, this is a little bit off-topic with what this stream is for. But I wanted to ask the devs if they could make Mesa a little easier to get. Maybe make the Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinates a common reward in ALL infested missions, or maybe just the ones on the same planet as the Alad V Assassination mission. I feel like this would really help a lot of players out and give them more opportunities to play other missions rather than trying to get a lot of Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinates to get Mesa. This takes a lot of time. Thank you for taking time to read this!

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