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General Ideas/problems


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When a prime comes out of a frame/weapon you already have and have put a lot of time into it definitely isn't a great feeling. If there was some way to transfer all that hard work onto the new item that would be great. Like having the old item as a building component and keeping the polarities and potatoes.



Puncture mods need to be looked at. The point cost to output is a bit disproportional. I'd say decrease the cost of equiping or make all puncture equal to shred in how much puncture you get per point.


Regen needs a buff.


Serration fusion costs are quite insane.


Transmute needs a bit of working. I like the gambling idea but I think with the void nerfs to credits the cost of rolling that dice is kinda high. Also I don't think you should be able to get one of the mods you put in.



Fun but repetative. Killing stuff is the main and arguably only source of fun in the game so survival was a good addition. Same maps...over...and over...


Secret rooms in the void and the obstacle courses are pretty cool.


Nova's molecular prime is too strong. Slow, damage, damage increase. Could easily just remove the slow and have it still be strong without being TOO strong.


Wormhole is AWESOME


Ember: All skills are damage. She's fun to play but when all you use is 4 on your skill bar it takes some enjoyment away.


Not friendly to new players. The initial experience is fun but once you realize how many hours of pure grinding you have to go through to somewhat catch up to people who were playing when things were easier to obtain...ugh...

Having a system where you almost NEED to be carried by someone who has played forever is bad.


Drop Rates:


RNG is a pretty common mechanic but 1% and lower is lame. Already spending hours upon hours to get credits and resources and then there's another layer if you want to be as effective as people who have been playing when drop rates were different.


Tokens are mentioned a lot but I don't trust it not having it be like "farm 10k tokens for mag prime systems" and you get 1 token per run. Otherwise it would be nice to have a goal that is not entirely determined by luck.







Looking forward to the damage/armor update. I hope to see some mastery locks so there's a clear weapon ranking system.




And lastly...can formas be 12 hour build time instead of 24? Haha.



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