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Warframe: Mage

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So far we have almost every type of character in the game. From vampires to monks, mummies to fairies, anthropomorphic to mythical.
But the 1 thing we don't have... is a Mage. I'm thinking something along the lines of The Avatar + Harry potter. Earth, wind, fire and water. Spell casting. Maybe some latin gibberish.
I chose both offensive and defensive spells because 1) I tend to play solo a lot. 2) There aren't a lot of fun Support frames in the game that can also nuke or take a swarm of punches to the face.
Im not saying there aren't any. Wisp is great. But still... wish there were more One man army type of frames.



Destroyer and Savior.
Destructive and Supportive spells fill a meter (like gauss+equinox) and based on the % of that meter, your 4th ability gets buffed accordingly.
Using Destructive spells will make your 4th more aligned towards Debuffing and damaging enemies, using supportive spells will make your 4th more aligned towards Heal and Buff allies.
It will still have both effects. Just more skewed towards one or the other.
(i got the idea from an old game called "The suffering" where it features "The Creature". A creature you transform into based on moral choices. Good choices make you look more human, you deal less damage but are more tanky. Bad choices make you look more demonic, you do more damage but are less tanky)

Ability 1



Ivara/Vauban style elemental casting. Fireball, Ice shards, earth rupture, wind push. Pretty self explanatory. Switch between 4 offensive spells. All of them proc relevant status effects.

  • Fireball casts 1 or multiple fireballs at aim location, burns enemies. (burn proc)
  • Ice shards throws ice spikes at enemies in a cone shape like a shotgun, slows enemies. (cold proc) or maybe a blizzard ability that's similar to Nova's slow?
  • earth rupture causes the earth to erupt under a group of enemies, throws them in the air and knocks them down, (blast proc)
  • wind push well... pushes enemies away from you, also blinds them for a short time. (opens up for finishers) maybe slash proc?



Ability 2



Ivara/vauban style supportive spells. Healing wind, Mana shield, molten blades, frozen shell. Same as 1.

  • Healing wind heals all allies in a radius around you.
  • Mana shield strikes allies with thunder granting them overshields based on %. (got the idea from iron man vs thor 400% scene)
  • Molten blades similar to Saryn's toxin buff grants allies a damage boost with increased fire proc %.
  • Frozen shell grants allies bonus armor by hardening their shell.



Ability 3



Has to be something tactical so you're not just some Totem standing around spamming spells. I have a few ideas. (note this is only 1 spell. Does not have multiple. This is just a list of ideas)

  • Blink Teleport. Like Archwing. Can aim it by holding. 0.3s invincibility after blinking (to prevent enemies 1 shotting you while you're disoriented)
  • Hibernate/Stasis. Put yourself in a stasis shard. Unable to do anything (like Nyx 4th). While in the shard you regenerate energy faster (should be useful since you can cast 8 spells)
  • Mana Burn. While active, it burns through your energy but your health can't go under 1. (Quick thinking basically but you don't take any damage past 1 hp and it burns through energy x/sec)
  • Guardian angel. (this is probably the most ridiculous one) infinite range, teleports to downed ally, revives them. High energy cost, transfers 50% of your health and shields to the downed ally.



Ability 4


Ultimatum. Empties the Destroyer and Savior gauge. Creates a burst of energy (something like Volt 4 but i guess... more energetic and magic based instead of electricity)
Allies in range receive all buffs from your 2nd ability but in a weaker form. At 100% Savior gauge, All buffs are 50% weaker.
Enemies in range receive all debuffs from 1st ability but in a weaker form. At 100% Destroyer gauge, All debuffs are 50% weaker.
Hold 4 to increase it's range, draining energy by x/meter OR hold 4 to skew the gauge towards the opposite side, draining energy by x/gauge%

Feel free to steal, butcher and ridicule however you want. This is just an idea, feel free to make a Better version yourself. All i want is a John Constantine type mage/warlock.

Note: I know 1 and 2 can seem... convoluted and complicated. but i think it will work. Im already used to juggling 8 abilities from Vauban.
But as a compromise, im willing to accept "Form switching" like Equinox does. With only 3 unique spells on each side.

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Seeing two gauges makes me think of a Red Mage from FF. I like the concept  a lot. I think people might get frustrated with all the ability changes with abilities 1-3 but if youre a caster fan that shouldnt be a huge issue. Maybe can make it so you can toggle between two of the 4 abilities at a time and a single tap will cast one and double tap would be the other to alleviate the constant ability swaps.

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Where is the fan idea to Mage where was only the link with the pictures?


Was that the magic girl with the pictures of Matias Tapia deleted from ArtStation?

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