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Operation: Scarlet Spear: 27.3.0

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Good evening, Tennos.

Seeing lots coming here to complain about Railjack and Operation Scarlet Spear.
While I, too, would have been highly (and shortly) satisfied with more quest, dialogues and interactions. I will tell you how it went on my end, so that the opinions displayed on this post get more diversified. I usually don't go on forums but when I come to check for specific info (like end event dates), I take the time to check on few posts.

Railjack is a really decent base to mix game modes (Dogfight + Archwing + Ground Missions like Spy or Assassination ), just trying all avionics combinations, positioning during dogfights, you can see the clear potential that will keep you busy for lot longer than just one or two quests. I can see the clear flaws it has too, knowing where they are make it easier to win most battles, although lot of other complains are about their ship breaking too often and too fast; if one places his ship right for each battle you won't get much damage. I basically never repair my ship and I always win my battles.

The Railjack mode is highly forgiving, you can play smart and avoid damage with a good pilot, making piloting quite rewarding in some maps with fancy asteroids formation (that's what I do). Or you can even go the opposite way, exploit No shield / Low Health state to get a high damage boost to kill the enemies faster. There are more ways to play your ship, but you can pretty much get any build and find a way to win regardless.

While you have many ways to get amazing results with your Ship... Most players still chose to have archwing players slow every enemies with Amesha. It's a fair strategy, seeing it works is really a nice display of how Archwing could be useful in railjack until you get to the point where the enemies get brain dead and gunners are shooting at them with no effort. Effectively making it impossible to explore most of the maneuvers, the pilot is pretty much useless at this point and become yet another gunner. No need for smart positioning, no need to use Vector Drift during fights, no need to look out for Ramsleds. No wonder alot of people found it boring when you have a public squad like that. I did that too, and then I stopped because it wasn't fun to use archwing like that, while your archwing customization may sure get some value, the whole Railjack ship gets little to none with that kind of setup. I had other games where players would stop using Amesha or I would cloak my Railjack when they start using Amesha again so that they get focused by crewship and die until they stop. 😈

Now on to Scarlet Spear. I was there when it started, first reaction when I hosted my Space Squad was to realise that the event was more about playing ground warframe rather than Railjack. The only tricky part was the satellite, you couldn't afford to have it vulnerable near a crewship, it would blow up instantly. Once I got that, this made the railjack part a bit more interesting, we'd have to stun/freeze the crewship, destroy it before risking to get too close. Or build up a dash through vector drift and set the satellite right away, or cloak to avoid it.

Fighting sentients was interesting, since we never got to fight this many so often, it made most squad run one specific setup while I tried to come up with various ways of handling the problem. While others were exploiting limbo advantages against sentients, I was turning brachiolyst into lanterns with Titania. Making the fight 98% a win as long as a brachiolyst was around, it would affect all the other sentients.
It was an easy way to start the event and learn abit more about what we can and can't do, also good scarlet credits.
Then I tried slow Nova, the extremely large radius makes it really safe to use and the whole squad benefit from it.
Then I tried Limbo to check how it goes.
Tried Grendel, Gauss, Chroma, and Zephyr on ground assault, my favorite frame there.
Then I tried Banshee, on Railjack.
And finally yesterday, for Railjack, I made a Vauban high energy cost build specifically made to strip armor from sentients on a large radius, and kill any Sentients getting too close to oplinks, can only be properly used if you keep feeding yourself with sentient cores, and admittedly the Flechettes don't always hit their target so you still need to use your weapons, I was using Ferrox as a 5th mine. Fun, the sentient threat made me try alot of stuff I wouldn't usually consider since sentients are usually not coming at us in crowds.

Ground assault was pretty much what I expected. While 17 Condrix in a row was kinda tiring at times, making me avoid the mode when I just wanted to relax. On the contrary, when I wanted to see more fights going on, and have a few laughs as my squad just panic from being shot in every directions, I would definitely go for ground assaults.

Admittedly, as the time went by, people began to notice a trend and meta going on, and they started to run the same warframes. Most of them take Limbo, get a rift, stun anyone going in the rift, combined with Mesa Exalted Pistols, which can fire through the rift, because it's considered an ability.
Good on them for using these strategies assuming they enjoy them. But it did made most games too easy.

On the plus side, it was so easy that I tried to play other Warframes I never saw in my railjack squad, if there was a Limbo+Mesa in my squad (which would be surprising if there wasn't), I would go out of my way to make this mission a test run for new builds. If they know what they're doing, just the two of them will give you the win and... if they don't you can take notes and learn more for the next time.

If somehow, there was no easy crowd control frames like Nova or Limbo, that's when the fun comes back, your warframe finally has something useful to do in the fight other than testing stuff, now all 4 players in the squad know it's not going to be "Easy", everyone is on their toes and look for any sentient showing up within the murex, trying to take it down before it gets too close. Some have some lesser crowd control to help, some other try to buff the squad, they summon specters, use gear items, you watch them panic and you know it'll make them happy to survive this endeavor, now this mission has a meaning. These people will be thinking hard when going back to flotilla to get a much better build, they'll start to come up with new ways of dealing with the issues (most of them will end up turning into limbos), but seeing this process of failing then learning from it is so fun and enjoyable.

One of them stayed in my squad, and decided to try many different warframes and builds: he tried Mesa, Gara, Nyx, Vauban, Frost. You could tell he was having a blast, and seeing him try not just one build but all combinations was also enjoyable for the whole party..

While we could fight 20 sentients in simulacrum, we can't set an oplink there, so the whole simulation has to be done within a Murex, which is fine.

About OPLinks. They're not much, but it was truly enjoyable to have one party linked to other parties. I enjoyed receiving kill codes seeing the nickname of the player helping me and their equipment, some were really cool looking some had funny looks. Those were automated messages but it felt good knowing even if you're in a solo party (which happened sometimes because I'm not the type to wait for people to join me, if they join fast cool, if not I clear an objective and do the rest solo) your actions help another party, they mattered to a group of people. Once you get used to it, it has less impact but it's still cool to see the other warframes.

There was another thing to Oplink though, from Flotilla, players in the lobby can deploy an OP-Link Reinforcement to a squad still fighting for the event. They have to pay 75k credits, to restore some health to the current desployed oplinks of a squad of their choosing. This person helping a squad earns nothing from it, and in fact loses credits, it's pretty much like a Leverian donation, except it's fixed at 75k credits. But it has a higher impact, it has some personality to it, since the player specifically chose to help you. I always made sure to give my thanks in the Flotilla relay whenever someone helped my squad, when it was necessary or not.

I really like what we got going on with Oplinks, it would have more meaning if the established link is made specifically toward one squad instead of "Any squad", it makes for a more intimate and valuable relation between the two squad, like with the 75k credit example above or like in the teaser part where it was introduced. This fishing squad in the teaser got a prompt from their own version of the OPLink, and could decide whether or not to help a specific squad, once they accepted their missions would always help this specific squad.
While it might be harder to make it an efficient system and would require the Railjack team to always have a 2nd choice in case ground team fails to help; it had a more personal feel to it.

About the Shop, I only wanted the weapons, I don't want most arcanes, I just wanted 3 of them I didn't have fully ranked yet. I don't know why some players decided it was interesting to farm specifically for them. I just enjoyed my time in the event and was getting arcanes as a bonus. I specifically got what I wanted without even trying. I played this event when it started, and a few other time with friends like once a week. I don't know how you guys so called "Farm" but you're clearly doing it wrong, you can get these items and enjoy yourself, just don't try to buy the whole house, why would you.

I still enjoyed the whole Operation Scarlet Spear using the Flotilla for what it was, I too had to stop playing multiple times because of bugs, but whenever it was working, you could tell there was high potential for more fun encounters. If it was possible, I too wouldn't mind getting diversified content, like more story, more mechanics, more everything, of course.

But it is pretty clear to me, that DE intend to tie it all with the new Railjack system. Just like we didn't have much story going on during Open Beta to make the base stable, now they need time to make this new Railjack stable to add more story to it. It's hard to tell what is the best course of action for Warframe, since DE surprised us multiple times with choices we didn't know we wanted before. The loud crowd should chill a bit, and the devs should keep everyone informed through devstreams.

While I also want more all the time, I did enjoy this update for what it offered. Thanks Digital Extremes, stay safe and healthy. Keep in mind that all the people showing up are players who love the game in various ways whether they sound good or not.

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