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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.2


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Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.2

8+ Hours into Operation: Scarlet Spear has provided some great feedback and bug reporting thanks to you! We have been piling a list together of the Top Feedback Items that the team will be addressing in the coming days:

Scarlet Spear Changes & Fixes

  • Lowered the Condrix Health scaling for 2-4 player squads.
    • Further Ground mission changes in terms of scaling are being discussed - stay tuned!
  • The Murex Wave timer displayed in the Scarlet Spear Instance selector will now just display at the top, instead of redundantly beside each Instance.
  • Improved UI/HUD messages for squads whose OpLinks require Reinforcements from players in the Flotilla.
  • Reduced the distance at which you will see Emblems above players heads in the Flotilla.
  • Fixed a crash for heavily loaded Scarlet Spear Flotillas.
  • Fixed a Client crash that occurred when a Host migrated and said Client was punted back to their Orbiter.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into a Railjack/Murex Raid mission.
  • Fixed not receiving earned rewards in a Murex Raid if you returned to the Flotilla manually (less than 5 Murex).
  • Fixed score discrepancies in the UI when a Host migration occurred in the Ground mission.
  • Fixed cases of enemies not spawning after multiple mission runs with the Oplink.
  • Fixed OpLink spawning more FX each time it gets spawned, and duplicate FX being created for each Client. This fix should also slightly improve performance!
  • Fixed Oplink state appearing as a filepath in the Flotilla squad labels above the Murex/Earth holograms.
  • Fixed a ghost of Flotilla players appearing in your Railjack upon starting a Murex Raid.
  • Fixed a script error that resulted in an inability to deploy an Oplink if one was previously destroyed in the mission.
  • Fixed a script error if the Railjack dies in a Murex Raid.
  • Fixed a script error in the Scarlet Spear Ground mission due to destroyed OpLink.


  • Fixed a crash related to Sentinels.
  • Potential fix for Vulkan drivers crashing the Steam overlay after it's injected into the Launcher.
  • Fixed the Wreckage capacity limit pulse FX in the Railjack Configuration UI pulsing even when you aren’t reaching the limit.
  • Fixed incorrect reference lines in Nova’s Leverian.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred due to enemies attempting to flee while players are transitioning a level.
  • Fixed a script error that resulted in forcing squadmates to log out.
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Thank you for the hotfix. Scarlet Spear unfortunately launched as an unpolished mess where the Railjack portion barely functions, and the ground squad is extremely tedious after a few hours worth of runs. I want to grind my way to having the new weapons and new Arcanes, but it's just not great as it feels as half baked as Empyrean as a whole. I understand you guys are seriously pinched from working at home and such, but please stop releasing an unpolished and unfinished update. Liches were the first red flag in the last few months, and it seems it's just continuing again.

The matchmaking for this Operation is questionable. Squad Link is essentially a lie as well. Two completely separate missions linked by a yellow relay chat isn't exactly what I would consider to be squad linking. Players cannot even make custom flotillas comprised of clan members or custom 8 player squad links. You claimed this was a community event, but it hinges on flotilla activity. Nothing is worse in Warframe than being unable to go at your own pace. Slowing down in space because the random pub 4 squad on the ground is taking a while to produce codes is infuriating after the first few times.

Rewards really need to be addressed. 8 players across the squad link should share the same points income one way or another. There should not be a situation where someone has an incentive to invest in a specific side of this event and not the other as this will create imbalance in the matchmaking structure.

EDIT: Future hotfixes made this event much better. I think just a few more changes are needed to have a good product that is enjoyable to replay more than a few times. 😃

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Can the Fighter scaling get fixed first? Having them scale the same as the ground enemies will make them nigh unkillable. It gets even worse with Ramsleds and Splintryxs, where you might as well let them board you. It gets even far worse with Crewships, who can shred the Satelite in little under a single volley of its flak cannons.

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Please consider removing the 100 Murex cap and timer. Making players wait in line to play your new update is not fun and makes people want to play the update less.

Also please make the Flotilla have an option for private/clan only play. Right now the OpLink doesnt feel like an interconnected world. One way to address this is to have an 8 player lobby (like old raids) to form both the Space Team and the Ground Team. The top four in the lobby could be the Space Team, and the bottom four could be the Ground Team.

Heres a pic for reference. This could also solve the issue of Railjack Matchmaking.

LVZ0fTN.jpgPlease continue to refine this Operation, and dont be afraid to go back to the drawing board on some ideas.

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1 minute ago, Heaven_Smile said:

No fix for not receiving codes in Murex mission?


Just now, DariusMcSwag said:

Please consider removing the 100 Murex cap and timer. Making players wait in like to play your new update is not fun and makes people want to play the update less.


Just now, TheEternalJester said:

No changes to Murex timings. Please remove them, you're just dragging this out for further than necessary.

I hope these happen soon enough...

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