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Agility Drift  10pt   ×2

Blood Rush  20pt  ×8

Blind Rage  15pt

Burdened Magazine  10pt

Coiling Viper  10pt

Creeping Bullseye  10pt

Critical Deceleration  10pt

Critical Delay 10pt

Cunning Drift  10pt   ×2

Frail Momentum  10pt

Hell's Chamber(Rank MAX)  10pt

Hell's Chamber  5pt   ×いっぱい

Hollow Point  10pt

Overextended  10pt   ×2

Ravage  5pt   ×2

Spoiled Strike  10pt

Streamline 5pt    ×いっぱい

Tainted Clip×2  10pt

Tainted Mag 10pt

Transient Fortitude  10pt

Vicious Spread  10pt

Vile Acceleration  10pt

Vile Precision  10pt

Vitgl Sence  10pt







Edited by (PS4)ykit1996

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OverextendedとTransient Fortitudeトレードいいでしょうか?トレード初なので色々お手間かけるかもしれないです。

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