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Game keeps CLOSING ITSELF (no crash log/reporter)

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This happened twice in the past 2 days, both in the scarlet spear murax team.

First time I was shooting at a symbilist and poof game went away, no freeze, no crash report, nothing, it just VANISHED as if I never loaded it in the first place.

Second time just now, got a team together, we did 5 murax, someone left while in the relay, invited someone else, started... placed the satellite thing, went for the ship and poof, game gone, same as before, no crash reporter, no freeze before it happened, the game window vanished instantly.


I don't see any events at this time (19:33) in event viewer in windows logs>application.

WF's EE.log suddenly ends:


2361.739 Game [Error]: Child script  'CameraTilt' failed to start for SentientRamSledAvatar598!
2361.740 AI [Info]: ENCMGR: ActivateSpecificEncounterAtSpecificHint [/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/CrewShip/Encounters/SentientBoardingParty] on hint [/Layer260/Layer17/Prefab0/BoardingPartyEncounterHint0] at pos [(-3017, -2996.3, 3004.05, 1)]
2361.742 AI [Info]: OnAgentCreated /Npc/SentientBoardingSymbilystAgent397 Live 5 Spawned 1 Ticking 8 Paused 0 IgnoredTicking 7 MonitoredTicking 1 AllyLive 4 AllyActive 2 NeutralActive 0
2361.742 AI [Info]: ENCMGR: Encounter /Lotus/Types/Gameplay/CrewShip/Encounters/SentientBoardingParty started at /Layer260/Layer17/Prefab0/BoardingPartyEncounterHint0 at pos [(-3011.96, -2996.3, 3008.81, 1)]
2361.764 AI [Info]: OnAgentCreated /Npc/SentientBoardingNoPowersAgent398 Live 5 Spawned 2 Ticking 8 Paused 0 IgnoredTicking 7 MonitoredTicking 1 AllyLive 4 AllyActive 2 NeutralActive 0
2361.778 AI [Error]: Trying to NpcAiDirector::CreateAgent with a null agent type
2361.778 AI [Error]: Trying to NpcAiDi

That is the end of the log, mid-way through sentence.

I've been running deferred rendering since it was introduced, it might be what's causing it so I'll try with it off I guess, but I doubt that's the issue as I've not had this issue since I enabled that.


However, I did have this "game vanishing" issue when I did anomaly ship runs for shedu, I dunno if I reported it then too but it's the same issue and seems to revolve around RJ and murax ships.


This is very frustrating to play right now with all the issues and this to top it off, I can't finish enough murax runs to get enough rank to get the victory bonus which is supposed to be the way to get the meat of points in order to actually buy stuff... 

I also foresee this topic being completely ignored because there's nothing devs can even investigate about it due to how random and traceless it is.

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I got this again just now, almost the same spot where I had it the previous time, which is right at the start, placed the beacon thing and parked the ship in the murax's entrance, proceeded to exit the ship and boom game vanished.

Everyone else in the squad (as I was host) probably got booted to menu because I wasn't offered a rejoin squad option, only rejoin relay... which also DID NOT rejoin the relay, I was in a 70/100 relay and now it places me in a 1/100 relay with 1h left 😕

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Happened again now, murex again as host, was waiting in the RJ for a ramsled to hit so I can wipe'em out, I casted nova's 4 preemptively and was looking through the side window (not controlling turret) at the ramsled coming... ramsled hit, bounced off a bit and then game closed, the end.


EDIT: And they host migrated, I was able to join them back, got to finish the current murex and then we couldn't enter the next murex. New host didn't even see any of the ships, had to return to relay early but it was 20mins left when we started so we couldn't do one more to get the entire 5 murex anyway, ragequit at that point xD

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