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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.3

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This event is completely unacceptable DE, this will probably fall on deaf ears, but remember when you mentioned that you would now be 100% transparent with details of the game and to some degree you have, but that's to a degree this is prefect example where you have not given us no amount of information regarding the reward structure or any other information regards switching relay, scoring and or the point system, how can you develop this event for months and not: A. give your player base all the information regarding of relevance in your eyes, they need. B. keep on releasing content that is broken from the start without adequate testing to ensure that you yourself are happy with the outcome and not sending out hundreds of hotfixes hoping it all works in the end. hold off developing new open maps, cinematic quest, etc that will WOW the media and fix your game, you cannot now after 7+ years fix shotguns and status when nobody asked for them, start listening to your majority of player who have been here the longest and have tested your game for you. You keep on missing the mark when you release new content stop making things complicated and keep if simple fun and engaging.

This is getting old real fast and if you keep heading down this path you will be the downfall of this game and to yourselfs. Actually read the forums post and listen to the words your players are trying to express to you. STOP ignoring are concerns.

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Some comments:

  • Now that that we (my clan/squad) understand how you gain Scarlet Credits (immediate mission reward + "flotilla" reward), the grind actually seems somewhat acceptable. Especially with the more understandable way of gaining bonus credits (best ground/space score X 2), introduced in 27.3.3.
  • All of us have experienced wrong or missing Scarlet Credit rewards (and "no relic reward"-instances) during this somewhat bewildering and hectic "initial phase". Would it at all be possible to analyze the stats from this bug-fix period and maybe return the missing credits at a later date? As a bonus to all those of us bravely helping you iron out the problems while trying the new content.
  • Scarlet Spear might be actually be better than we (clan/squad) thought at first. Since it is a "grind event" the unreliability and the resulting risk of "not getting anything" is still a (huge) problem. The mechanics (evaluating a "near future" where all problems are gone) are actually quite nice, and it is fun finding squad/weapon/warframe compositions that work (on the ground). There will be some need for tweaking this and that, but everybody I play with seems to be moving towards a "well, this is ok after all"-state.
  • The bugs affecting playing with a "friend"-/"clan"-squad needs to be ironed out quickly. If you play with 4 (possible even IRL) friends and one gets kicked from a mission (and can't rejoin), it destroys the enjoyment for all. This has been THE worst thing for us, having to abort a mission, possibly even a "flotilla" (possibly even having to restart Warframe to break the link to a specific flotilla which your friends can't join) in order to get a friend to join again is, well, BAD. This also applies to having to "end & restart" Murex missions because some squaddies/friends don't get their kill code rewards.
  • Since the linkage to a certain "flotilla" (instance) is sort of all-important, there should be a more detailed and much more clear process for joining, being in and leaving a (certain) flotilla, as well as checking a break-down of your current "flotilla" results. This is maybe the one thing we "can't get" with Scarlet Spear, how this part of the event was "ignored". The point is that clarity and control is much more important than "fluent gaming" in this case. Or in other words:
    • there has to be a "do you want to join this flotilla? yes/no"-experience when joining up
    • a way to see your current flotilla ("you are a member of flotilla X") in your orbiter, maybe even showing both that flotillas' and your personal current stats
    • a way to clearly and easily select and immediately go to "your own" flotilla (and NOT to any other random flotilla instance)
    • and a "do you want to leave this flotilla? yes/no"-experience (especially in the orbiter, maybe also in Scarlet Spear HQ).
  • And totally stop the game from switching flotillas on you, we have had to start again from scratch after the flotilla changing while we all (the whole squad) are standing in the Scarlet Spear HQ (suddenly going from X Murex and Z standing => zero Murex AND zero standing).
  • Before launch we were under the impression that the co-op between the ground team and the space team was a bit more explicit (basically that a ground team would be sending the scans/codes to a specific space team). There was some disappointment that this wasn't the case, but with the intensity of the missions it is now clear that this would not have been possible. However, we still think there is a future opportunity hidden in the possibility of having missions with a "hot link" system between a specific "space" squad and a specific "ground" squad. This would entail increasing the squad size to 8 (reminiscent of the now defunct raids)  and allow for travel back-and-forth between "space" and "ground" (basically starting as 8 players on the Railjack and continuing as an "aerial assault from space" in a linked ground mission). We think this would greatly enhance the co-op part, reintroduce a "raid-type" mission, it could easily be an endless mission (or a 3-hour "endless" mission as per current event). It would not work from a PUG/randoms perspective (and might even need its own "double-squad setup mechanism"), but we think this is more of a strength than a weakness. There is also no problem for such a mission type to work in parallell with the normal 4-player co-op, as an example of potential, if such a system was included in a future "Scarlet Spear"-event it could simply allow the 8-player squad to travel directly to another Murex/Condrix-invasion spot (flotilla/instance) and continue racking up points & rewards for the whole three hours, or alternatively to be allowed to continue "in-mission" for the full three hours (ranking up enemy level, amount & difficulty).
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A nice thing would be to have a cross over with the ground assaults, like someone from relay room 25 can send the kill codes to a railjack crew at room 45 (for example) it would be super nice if that would be plausible, just so that the railjack crews don't have to depend on the ground team on the same relay room. If someone can forward this to the feedback thread that would be cool, unless DE read it here

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Can you guys fix satellite marker disappearing after finishing a murex?

Also, sometimes, we spawn in space without any satellite, so we have to abort, but you can't abort from nav if you haven't done at least 1 murex, so you can say bye bye to your flotilla and start in a new one if there is one with murex left...

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It seems overwhelmingly clear at this point that this event is simply not working as intended. At all.

it makes me sad that trying to play this has currently killed my desire to play the game. 

I implore you DE. Just take the whole event down. Go back to the drawing board and wait until it’s actually ready. Nobody important will think less of you for doing it.

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156 days of Nightwave Intermission. When will we get Series lll ?


Hotfix didn't fix the rewards (mostly for clients) at all. Sometimes they play for hours and got literally nothing. No relics, no endo, no avionics and of course no event currency.

Murex raiders still don't receive kill links from Condrix raiders and aren't able to finish any mission. Players on same Flotilla are confused about and starting to be toxic to Condrix raiders. Not a very healthy situation.

Nova's deluxe skin is clipping at her hip area in most of the animations and makes me incredible uncomfortable. 


Stasis Chamber for Companions when? 

Command intrinsics tree when?

Might sound a bit harsh but we're just mad about the current state of the game. Maybe on day you will introduce some test community server for check new content before it annoys your player base.

Love Megan, heads up.

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I kind of like the game play loop, but the rewards and bugs are really hurting me, you and my enjoyment of the game.


I was in a fun squad last night, we started just after a new wave, in space, managed to stay top 5 for the relay for space (3800 pts). The host had to make dinner, squad disbanded, and now I was stuck.. starting many ground missions, I never got another player to join. Trying to set up a squad in the see of yellow text (or orange or gold, colourblind here) is almost impossible. When we finally got around to it we were at 82/100 murex, 57 mins to go. And a couple minutes later we were at 88/100.. or 82/100 or 44/100, depending on who you spoke to in the instance chat. And we were stuck, no codes transmitted, no codes received. Spent 20 minutes in one of the 5 space squads to get no code. While there were still ground squads scanning and sending codes. The yellow chat also stoppped, just stopped. It was probably lagging anyway, since I noticed my space squad host transmitting a code from when we were on the ground like 15 mins earlier. 

The icing on the cake: I got nothing in mail, no bonus credits, nothing. 5 Minutes after the wave was over, my score still hadn't moved for the event (it is about 3800 pts higher now, I'm assuming the wave already crashed before our ground scores were added). 

Now since you only can see this after the wave is down, I can't make screenshots of the scores. I don't know which instance I was in since that is not visible somewhere. I know we kept talking with the same 20-30 people at least. But that's 3 hours that feel less rewarding than one night cycle of eidolon hunting, or doing the sortie. And I can't dare leave the relay for fear of not getting rewards. In fact, you state now we really only get some bonus if your relay does 100/100. I hope we PC can get an extension and I hope our console tenno get a later, better balanced and fixed version.

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Euuh, the Grineer grenades passing through frost snow globe that's normal or it's a "bug" ???

So you keep reducing the range (or fall off) of our weapons i see, what's next ? point blank sniper gun ? while Grineer and Corpus keep shooting at you from next planet as long they have one pixel of visibility on you with an Olympic sharpness  😄 

As for the code problem (while there is one obviously, they seems to be distributed erratically) i think people need also to keep in mind that you need 9 codes to kill 1 murex so at some point you wont receive them as frequently as you would like, especially on less crowded flotilla, it's not like they are growing from (regular) trees you know 😄 , and the longer you stay in mission the longer they are to get.



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12 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.3

Hotdropped last night:

  • Fixed inability to Trade.

Scarlet Spear Victory Payout Change

  • We have changed the way Bonus Victory Payout is calculated to benefit all participating players in Murex Victories. Previously, your Victory Payout was determined by your Rank in the Flotilla (I, II, or III). Now, Victory Payout is calculated by your Best Higher Total Score between Ground or Space multiplied by 2 (capped at 10,000). 100/100 Murex Driven Away before the timer expires is still required to receive Victory Payout.
    • As an example - if you earn 300 points in a Ground Assault in a Flotilla that drives the Murex away, you will earn 600 Scarlet Credits as a Victory Payout. 
    • As another example - if you earn 4,000 points in a Murex Raid in a Flotilla that drives the Murex away, you will earn 8,000 Scarlet Credits as a Victory Payout. 
    • This aims to address some feedback we’ve been receiving about players who join a Flotilla in progress (ex 70/100 Murex Driven Away, etc) who aren’t able to reach a Rank in the Flotilla before it reaches 100/100 Murex Driven Away.

A known issue that we’re aware of/investigating are the reports of receiving the wrong amount of Victory Payout respective to the Rank which is earned in the Flotilla. However, there are reports of players receiving the correct amount of Victory Payout, which is why we’re continuing to investigate the discrepancies. We have some fixes in the works that will be tested overnight before we submit for a Hotfix.

We have several other known issues we are investigating for Flotilla Kill Code upload progress and bug reports have been helpful in tracking down the issues. 

General Scarlet Spear Changes & Fixes

  • Railjack owners now have the option to either Host a Murex Raid with their own Railjack or Join another Murex Raid.
  • Squads whose OpLinks are in good condition will now continue to show 'Scanning Kill Codes' as their status to avoid confusion (previously it could change from ‘Scanning Kill Codes’ to ‘Deploying OpLink’ if a healthy OpLink status was updated).
  • Your Scarlet Spear Credit count will now display in Little Duck’s store UI similar to how Credits, Platinum, etc are displayed.
  • Fixed inability to invite other players in the same Flotilla to form a squad.
  • Fixes towards the Condrix not spawning once you reach the waypoint in the Ground mission.
  • Fixed scoring discrepancies if a Host migration occurred after the first Condrix in a Ground mission was completed:
    • The score does not increase at all for the next Condrix that is completed. 
    • The 3rd Condrix is completed and the score only goes up by 5 for each Kill Code (as if this was the first Condrix to be completed).
  • Fixed Murex Raid Satellite waypoint not disappearing if a Host migration occurred after driving away the respective Murex.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to Host a session to rejoin a Scarlet Spear Flotilla.
  • Fixed a crash when the Aerolyst spawned.
    • This was a result of the Aerolyst instantly dying when spawned due to player AoE damage. The Aerolyst will now spawn invulnerable for 1 second to avoid this crash and give the poor guy a chance to wiggle his fingers at you!
  • Fixed Sentient Ramsleds not being removed after warping between Railjack missions.
  • Fixed a script error when Crewships are encountered in the Murex Raid.
  • Fixed a script error if Sentient Fighter reinforcements spawn just as the Satellite is destroyed in a Murex Raid.

Railjack Fixes:

  • Fixed Heat Accretion stat comparison not working in the Railjack Configure panel.
  • Fixed a script error when encountering the Sentient Anomaly POI.

Deferred Rendering Fixes:

  • Fixed Ice Spring not having any textures with Deferred Rendering enabled.


  • Optimized out a number small memory bloats in the type-dep database to reduce the risk of crashes due to relocation (player loadouts in relays, procedural levels, etc).
  • Fixed high GPU Effects time when shooting Profit Taker's legs with the Imperator Vandal.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on slow internet connections if you quit the game while loading into a Relay. 


  • Fixed a crash caused by mashing "Launch Mission" button while matchmaking service was already trying to find/Host/join a mission.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing Warframe Ability videos in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed several types of crashes that could occur when travelling to or from Towns, Relays or Dojos.
  • Fixed Operators not having correct body customizations/proportions.
  • Fixed certain Armor pieces not fitting correctly on Companions.
  • Fixed incorrect Energy color on the Nezha Yaksha Helmet. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1174134-nezhpa-yaksha-skins-energy-color/
  • Fixed the transport ships at the end of the Rush mission (Kepler, Phobos) Shield Drones having no hit box, resulting in an inability to complete the mission.
  • Fixed inability to Chat link Stance Forma.
  • Fixed a script error that resulted in a crash if a Host migration occurred when you returned to the Orbiter from a Survival mission.
  • Fixed a script error occurring when loading into a mission while the Pause Menu was open.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Fish.

Yesterday me and my team earned over 10k points in event, we reached top of leaderboard with more then DOUBLE points second place had which was around 4500 points, we earned around 10k points in all our runs, and my bonus payout was.....ONLY 2k scarlet credits, what I am supposed to do to get rest of it ?(which should be 8k)

here is my proof:


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I see... now deleting posts... yeah the truth stings... I don't know what happened to this company... well bye bye... ain't playing till it's fixed... and you can delete this again If you want... lame, can't even take criticism

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Sorry, but I'm baffled on how an event can come out in such state, this event is completely messy, confusing and broken in so many ways. The rewards need an adjustment, either the price of the items or the mission rewards itself. People are losing progression and I feel sorry for those getting disconnected while in a relay or while doing missions, also ground and space teams need balancing. I havent been playing this event that much and Im barely gonna touch this event anymore until stuff gets properly tuned and fixed. Instead of learning by past mistakes, things just keep getting worse by update. Please don't rush stuff out, there is no point, it'll just anger players when you could put an event out with better quality than this.

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I don't know about other players, but this Scarlet Spear is just frustrating. Convoluted reward system, time limits, score limits, small rewards, limited time event...

So, just a few ideas on how to improve it:
- Remove the timer, limit on how many Murex to defeat, whole separate flotillas;
- Remove victory bonus, but increase rewards for missions. So if finished the mission successfully, you get the reward. If you finished the mission, you already contributed to the victory;
- Make both ground and space teams get the same rewards. Both teams are essential and both contribute towards the same goal;
- Make 1 big flotilla. I mean, isn't that the idea, that every player must defend against the same Sentient threat?
- Adjust the prices;
- Add «community rewards» (or how can you call it?) for participating in an event. What i mean is, if players defeat X Murex, give everyone who participated X reward, Y Murex = Y reward and so on.

What this will achieve:
- Better rewards;
- No more «No more Murex waves detected» messages and empty relays;
- No problems with match making;
- No problems with changing flotillas and getting 0 victory bonus;
- No more «what if space team will not defeat all 100 Murex in time» headache.

I get that you might say «But what if players will stop defending against Murex?». That's a good question, but:
- Right now there's also no guarantee that you'll get victory bonus, because people might just stop contributing or no one wants to play space or earth missions;
- Event is pretty quick, just a month, most of the players will keep being invested;
- Maybe, just as idea, start adding Sentient enemies to other missions, if progress is too slow, making missions harder?

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well I had 5k+ two times, 3k one time, several times 1000, and all I ever got was 2x 2000 credits ever, and I have reached to 10000 event goal two and did get (nothing?) or was one of the 2000 for that???

anyway.. rewards are messed up and I am angry about that

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My overall POV,


DE What's going on there? Just please, who is pulling the strings behind the updates? Players wanted changes in game, I'd agree but not outright nerfs. 


The goal of the status chance was to make other status viable as much as corrosive, not make viral the new meta. 


The goal of getting new weapons in warframe to use on enemies was always fascinating. But why are these getting so behind some annoying grind wall? The Railjack released weapons. Both were behind some unreliable RNG grind. The Gauss and its weapon. All behind some measly RNG grind wall. And the new lacera and That rifle too. God..Where do I even start with the grind for that one. Especially when there are so many bugs.  Don't you guys respect player's investment in the time anymore?  Its not to hard to...Oh I dont know..Maybe make the new items into clan research for a change? And not add some new dumb resources to farm and instead use what we have? Maybe? 


Why are you guys wasting time and effort in so many meaningless changes and "revisions" is beyond me. Why don't you just stop. Seriously stop it with tje next new war. Sit down. Have a long devstream. Talk about the problems in game. I dont mind if The War Within is delayed for even like 6 months or more. If that's what it takes to get our warframe in a state where everyone can appreciate it atleast at some levels. Like I dont know if you guys are just blind. Glaive was a thing atleast every forum it is mentioned that its not working as its intended to. There are tons of bugs in this game that are being overlooked while you guys trying to push away more content. Trust me that's going to cause players to piss off more than appreciate it. Like scarlet spear. I have no idea who made the balance for the event. But clearly that person didn't even do a good job pricing things. Please just...Consider everything on players perspective. 



Not to mention due to many bugs so many of us can't even do the event properly.  Because it just makes me laugh how many things in game are changed in the name of "consistency" which is utterly terrible. 


Why do you think we players always comment to these forums? Because we want the game to change for the better. And at the rate how less players are getting into warframe unlike last year or before. That's simply due to the result of your poor balancing with everything where most player requests are being ignored.  

Just look at the charts DE. Most people are home due to quarantine. How many of them are playing Warframe. And amongst them how many are actually enjoying them. 

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So you claim you've improved the victory payout but now nobody is getting any victory payout. Thanks DE, I gave up sleep to try and finish the grind and now it turns out I'm still nowhere near, all I get is a worthless emblem.

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-Excellent- change to victory payout.


Why have rank and victory payout limited to each mission type?

   1) It discourages players from switching based on current flotilla needs.

   2) Personally I find doing the same mission over and over very boring.

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Having the rewards tied to what others on the flotilla do is a horrible idea. 

If you want that rank 3 Ground badge, it's a race against the Railjack teams of your flotilla, especially since you need more than two full runs to reach that. More often than not, you'll see a message saying that all Murex ships have been driven away and BAM, no Rank 3 badge for you, my friend, Railjack teams just made it impossible to obtain in this instance, go try again another time. In 2+ hours. 

This is NOT a healthy approach. 

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