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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Hotfix 27.3.3

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9 minutes ago, Graavarg said:

I haven't been this put off by Warframe since I started playing.

For the first time I can't reliably play with my friends (since MR0) anymore, since we can't reliably join a flotilla even if we group up first. When we finally get the guys together in the same flotilla/instance, the first mission is usually a "no mission rewards for some"-mess. And if someone gets kicked during loading (before this bug shows up when plinking down the op-links), we all have to restart not the mission, not Scarlet Spear but Warframe itself in order to get everyone back into the same instance.

If the first mission is a "no mission rewards for some" we do a quick "1 Murex" and go back to the Scarlet Spear HQ, and start a new mission. By then the actual gameplay mostly is working, so we do 3 X 5 Murex. The leaderboard says 5000+ points = fine, we have maxed this wave. The flotilla is at 81 points with over half the time left, so everything is alright, bonus credits are coming our way. We hang around in Scarlet Spear for short while, but then when the guys are starting to leave one says, wait. For some reason the number of Murexes driven away has stopped at 83, even though there are 5 space teams and 10+ grounds teams, and the kill codes seem to be rolling in. Wtf! The other guys have to leave so I jump into Murex space alone. No kill codes arrives, no more Murexes are driven away, but I can see the kill codes rolling in from the ground team. Wtf! I go back to Scarlet Spear, go into space again. No kill codes coming, flotilla still at 83. I figure it might be my game, a whole flotilla can't have crashed, now can it. So I leave Scarlet Spear, go back in, still at 83, still a lot of teams in space and on the ground, fighting for the common cause. But the no kill codes for the cause seem to be registering. So I restart Warframe, go back to Scarlet Spear. Can't select a new instance, so the game still remembers where I was. Good! Or not, since I arrive in Flotilla 1. And the board says "No Murex available". Oh boy!

After about an hour I check the situation again, my flotilla/instance is still at 83. There went not only another hour of my life, but all the promised bonus. A flotilla that easily got to 80+ in less than half the time should have completed 100 with ease, but the kill codes didn't register. I wonder how many of my fellow Tenno were fighting on the ground to produce all those kill codes that never went anywhere...

Earlier today we had a 2-player team that did two 5 Murex and one 4 Murex, ending up with 4960 standing (40 from max payout of bonus), we did the 100th Murex ourselves, so the flotilla/instance did complete. But the reward arriving in the inbox was two emblems, no credits whatsoever. Not a single one.

After three days I have no idea how many credits have been lost to a kaleidoscope of bugs. I am ready to give up on Little Duck, getting me to fight for free promising rewards that never materialize. Should be called Little Huckster, the bloody cheat. If she wants me back in business, she'll have to pay me what she owes first. With interest.

Paradoxically I can see a lot of good stuff in this new system, and as with Railjack a lot of future potential. A lot to build on, to keep Warframe going. And the recent changes to melee and status are good and interesting, and shows DE has the courage to fix things. I should be happy for all this, but I feel mostly cheated and slightly burned out. All the let-downs and Little Duck stealing my credits have put me off Warframe, and who knows when the problems will be fixed, or if they ever will be.

So, while I was writing all this, Little Duck seems to have promised to pay me back (with interest), and DE have at least tried to fix some of the problems. Talking about 27.3.4 deploying 30 minutes ago.

Hope against hope, but keeping my fingers crossed...

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On 2020-03-25 at 3:25 PM, Sur3ShotX said:

Good luck fixing the network not responding issues DE as would help with all the not being able to log in until a few tries and saying the info. is wrong or entering something only to be stuck there until it settles itself.

theyve been trying too 

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After playing this mode a bit more... it seems that DE wanted us to go to the relays first, then squad up there,

This could be indicated by the situations where a person goes over to the relay and then tries getting people via recruiting chat, only to see "relay has reached max player limit" and get frustrated by that. This "relay has reached max player limit" message indicates that the teaming up probably was meant to occur at the relay among people already within the relay.

But in practice, we all squad up in orbiter since that is how the game always was. But now we are presented with a different set of issues (or in this case, glitches). After having a team at the orbiter level, and proceeding over to the relay, we find a glitch that says "No Murex Detected" and we have to disband and reform and go to another instance of the relay. Sometimes the instance selection screen shows something like 33/100, but when you arrive at the relay, it is 100/100 and there's no Murex again. This may happen several times before successfully finding a relay with available missions, making the matchmaking process more difficult than the actual mission, which is just mobile defense with a few extra steps.

Overall, it looks like there's a conflict between what was intended and how the game is actually / usually played.

To me, this situation shows that the game NEEDS better matchmaking systems. Please take some time to create MATCHMAKING 2.0. From stuff like finding a squad, to filtering in/out what frames you want in the team, etc. It would probably solve 80% of the this forums complaints as well, including players being upset that their team mates are "leeching" / too slow / not doing enough, and those that complain people are too fast and preventing them from having their "interactivity". And for those concerned about the nodes or missions or times of day where there's not enough people for a squad... first, things like time of day and off-peak are already a thing regardless of whether matchmaking is improved, and further they can simply have the matchmaking system take that into account. When the game has high/healthy traffic of people playing, matchmaking settings work and all the filters apply. When someone is playing the game at off-peak periods, then the matchmaking automatically goes off. The UI can simply say "Selected Mission is currently experiencing low traffic, matchmaking settings may not apply" in the low crowd situations

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Hello! So, my teammates and I know what we're supposed to do and how to do it. We've done the ground missions just fine, easy peasy. We can take the Murex on just fine, but for some reason, we haven't been able to receive kill codes. Two times in a row, we've gone to a Murex while the ground squads outnumber the space squads at least 2-1, setup camp....and wait twenty+ minutes for one, maybe two kill codes? We can see them being sent and received by the bucket loads in the chat, but we've been wasting a lot of time waiting for nothing that shows up. We were even at an almost 3-1 ratio this last time, and got nothing to work with. The first time we went to the Murex, we took one out, so I know it's not the methodology being wrong. It may sound like a small problem, but it's frustrating to keep wasting time when the numbers say everything should be humming right along, and it would be nice to be able to mix up what we do. As nice as it would be to take a space-break, we don't feel like we dare if we want to accumulate any points at all.

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On 2020-03-27 at 2:36 AM, Xepthrichros said:

 the game NEEDS better matchmaking systems. Please take some time to create MATCHMAKING 2.0.

Indeed. Shockingly people have fought against me when I've asked for this.
It can be one improvement at a time but it needs to be a number 1 priority. It's blows my mind it's been so long with nearly zero improvement in the way of automated matchmaking. The fact it's been just a chat-log to find players when the requests for matchmaking are so common.

It can even be built with some code that could very easily be reused for trading improvements after matchmaking is made reasonable.

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I think more work needs to be done with balancing the new status effects. Viral is still a bit OP. And so is Heat. Corrosive is much less valuable now with the new "S curve" armour scaling. Magnetic is getting overshadowed by both viral and heat, even when being used against the corpus! I made a video on all of this, I hope DE sees it.



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