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De_Steve And The Skull Of Death


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Moving to UI bugs + asking Steve if he's been at the cloners again.

Was going to put it there, but didn't quite know because that felt more like a "got stuck on a menu can't click a button" vs a game crashing error after leaving a game. 


As long as you guys know though, dun matter to me.

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I got the same screen after Derelict Missions. (I post it in others of the 20 Threads about this bug in this Forum).

I continue to post here cause here is the only I found where DERebecca leave a comment about this.


It happens to me yesterday 3 times in a row. DE_Steve was greeting me with a smiling skull and a big bunch of lag.

Today I test it once again. Same effect.

I close all games with Task Manager.


Now the point that was a bit strange.

I played all with german language.

After I changed it to English I made 2 Derelict Missions without DE_Steve.


Maybe just a bit of luck and I see Steve again?

Maybe a BUG with the language files?


Edit: Happend again to me.

So nothing to do with changing the language.

I stop doing Derelict Missions now and waiting on a Fix for it.

The reward is not that good and the chance to become it (Solo) is really small for getting frustated with a crash the most time I try it.


However, the devs made a good job, so I think there is a fast solution for this Problem :)

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