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*major* Modding Glitch (With Pictures Kids!)


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Lets make this simple.


I want to upgrade my Dakra Prime.  I start to add mods.


I have potato.  I have capacity of 60.  I have 23 capacity left.






That is cool.


Lets try to max out spoiled strike.  It has 4 as a default, with 3 additional notches.  I add them up.  That makes 7.


I originally had 23 capacity left.  23 minus 7 equals 16.  




Sounds good.  So lets do it.




Wait.  What in the holy name of Jesus sandles are you talking about game?


What in the..............








I had to remove Spoiled Strike from Preset C.  I had search for the mod and max it out before I attached it to any melee.  Then I put it back on Dakra Prime.  Mind you when I first removed Spoiled Strike, I had to back all the way out and reenter Arsenal.  The mod kept reattaching itself back to my Dakra Prime.

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