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[About Rhino's Skills In Lastest Patch]


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Please post what do you think about Rhino's skills in the lastest patch here.


I think Rhino's Iron Skin had been nerfed.


Before the lastest patch I could solo Captain Vor and Lieutenant  Lech Kril plus their troopers without any doubt by using the Iron Skin skill. But after a fight with them after the lastest patch had been applied I found out that Iron Skin doesn't work as it used to be anymore. Both Vor and Kril  and the troopers (especially the Hellions with their missile launchers) could take my Iron skin down in 2 or 3 swings or after few rockets that exploded near me.


So It's just me or they really nerfed our treasure Rhino :(

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Yes ironskin doesnt work that well anymore but i think the abillity was way too op anyway. And I really like Rhino, playin him as my mainframe atm but found it way too easy with ironskin running through the entire map and taking fire from 20 enemies without any doubt. (mostly Playing lvl 50 to 60 Missions)


Maybe now rhino will not get declared as newby frame anymore since you cant get a kind of godmode anymore.


His ultimate I think is the best abillity ingame anyway because its stunning and doing damage at same time so they had to nerf his ironskin because if not he would have the best self defence abillity and the best ultimate.

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**Improved logic for drawing enemy fire while using Rhino’s Iron Skin ability and Djinn Sentinel Fatal Attraction precept.**


From the patch notes.


So, I'd guess Rhino is now carrying a big neon sign shouting "Shoot me!" to ensure he gets ALL the aggro.

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