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Multishot Is For Babies


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Loving the concept of the mods so far. However, I'm frankly quite surprised at some of these things that were overlooked, regarding mods that act as absolute direct upgrades to certain weapons and certain Powers.


The two that seem to be standing out the most, though, are the ones that add a crapton of damage while multiplying the recoil by a crapton. Here's the problem-- quite a few weapons out there don't have recoil in the first place, including the Synapse, Flux, Thrown weapons, and Acrid. You can multiply zero by ten billion, and it's still zero. With these mods, these specific weapons simply take all of the damage that they were doing prior to this update and multiply it by 2.5 without any downside whatsoever (other than the fact that a mod needs to be removed for this one to replace it, of course).


Yes, I understand that they're incredibly hard to rank up to that level, but several people have already done it. And even if they haven't, time invested in upgrading a weapon is not a balancing factor, especially when it's such a powerful direct upgrade such as this.



I propose that projectile-based weapons that have no recoil (Despair, Acrid, etc) will suffer from increased spread.

Thoughts? Suggestions on tweaks to rebalance the mod for projectile and continuous weapons?

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i dont think that the mod needs a rebalance, you will have to remove some mods to fit that costly corrupted mod in!


i am curious if magnum force affects a throwing secondary?

Oh right, it's a direct upgrade for Throwing weapons too. I'll throw that in.

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