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Xini Bug


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This is an old bug. However, I thought it was fixed, but appears to have returned. Wave 15 Xini. 


The bug - At wave 14, everyone de-sync'd and was unable to damage enemies. From time to time, damage would pop up and things would die. Everyone was warping or frozen in place shooting. We made it to Wave 15, and everyone chose to leave in case this continued. The reward screen popped, Mission Completed popped, screen went black. Okay, then Lotus speaks up with "Infested incoming" Dialogue, and I was placed back into the mission as if I hit continue. No hud, weapon didn't do damage, my abilities were still in use.


Furthermore, hitting esc. and Quit didn't work. Exiting the game didn't work. I had to ctrl+Alt+Del. 


Group was: Ash w/flamethrower, Vauban, Nyx w/flamethrower(me), Ember. I had it in widowed fullscreen. Don't know what other info to give, but it happened to me and the Ash(Clan member on skype), and is a known bug from back before even Nova was released from our experience. Hasn't happend until recently since then.

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