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Hotfix 10.3.1 + + : Humpier Day!

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MAJOR UPDATE HERE: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/117806-update-1030-hump-day/


A quick Hotfix tonight:

Fix resources not dropping in Derelict and Void missions.

Fix for players receiving pre-leveled/maxed mods. Lucky ducks!

Fix for missing Corrupted Mod icon.

Fix for blueprints received as boss drops not saving to Foundry: (4 PM 10/10/2013 Edit: this has been retroactively fixed)

Fix for Clients joining Derelict Missions holding a Dragon Key not seeing Key indicator on HUD.  

Fix for loss of functionality and unintended navigation when chatting in star chart.

Fix for clan MOTD back to 256 character max.

Fix FOMORIAN missions appearing at Minthe and Kala-azar

Fix for New Dragon key blueprints not explicitly stating they are reusable.

Fix for Conclaves not working.

Fix for login rewards not working.


Until tomorrow, Tenno!


Edit 1:


Just kidding, one more tonight!


Fix for use of the ESC freezing the game UI if hit when entering lobby.


Edit 2:


Even more for tonight!


Fix for Mutagen Drops in Derelicts

Fix for accidental increase in Bio Clan-tech weapons, back down to 50K Credits per replication.

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I'm still seeing them as components. Presumably future BP drops won't be listed as components, but can we get BPs that did drop get converted?

We would have to send in a ticket but DE staff that does tickets don't stay up this late.

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