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Corrupted Vault Spawn Rate Needs To Be Significantly Higher.


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After running four capture keys and three exterminate keys with a friend, exploring the entire map, and seeing no sign of a Corrupted Vault, I'm starting to get a bit frustrated.

These keys are DEBILITATING - depending on your loadout and the size of your squad, they can make running missions much, much harder than Nightmare runs, but at the end of Nightmare runs, you're guaranteed a reward.

See the discrepancy here?

Given the nature of Dragon Keys, even if you should happen to find a vault, there's not a one-hundred percent chance that you'll be able to get it open, and in my opinion, that's more than enough.  Making the vaults this difficult to even *get* to, on top of this difficult to open, is making these Corrupted mods look less and less interesting.

If players are going to voluntarily shoulder the kind of pain the Dragon Keys dish out, they need to have a significant chance to get a reward for it - the same way players get rewards for taking on the pain of Nightmare runs.

So my proposition is this:

Modify the procedural generation algorithm so that there's a 100% chance for a vault to spawn in each Derelict run.  That way, players who carry Dragon Keys, run with larger squads, and explore the map get the reward they've earned, rather than just time wasted.

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