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The Disappearing Helmet



So I thought I would go ahead and build and level the regular Excalibur for the mastery. Got the frame BP, chassis and systems (crafted already), last piece was the helmet. Ran it again today. Got the helmet. Great Victory ! I go to my foundry, where is it? It's not listed.  -_-


Was I high? I go to inventory, nope there it is. Log out, log in no changes.


So I have the Excalibur helmet PB in my inventory but it is not listed in my foundry and therefore I cannot seem to actually craft it.  O,o  Kinda weird, this has never happened before and the only frames I haven't crafted yet are the Primes and Necros.


I'm not going to cry myself to sleep tonight but anyone got any ideas as to whats happening ??

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Rebecca, from what I understand, you fixed the bug that was causing that to happen. You didn't fix the bug that fixed the blueprints themselves.


I'd recommend filing a support ticket in the morning and see what they can do for you.

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Yes, please. I have everything for Volt built, except his systems. I got his systems as a mission reward after the update yesterday, but had the same problem. I can see it in my inventory, but not in the foundry. Got the new hotfixes today, but it's still not showing up in my foundry.

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