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cyngas bugs reload 120 sec.

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i got a riven :



the weapon become unplayable u will stuck with reload animation for 120 sec. 

i try hydron/ sim stuck with animation reload for about 120 sec

space the ammo will stuck at 0 i think around 25 sec then it goes up again.



pls fix


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exact number
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52 minutes ago, NinjaZeku said:

... what's there to fix?

You put a Mod onto your weapon that gives a cripplingly huge negative effect.

Just don't do that.

oh so its 1.2 *  (99,3% of 1,2) = 120 ?

is its multi or add ? ah man the math give me headache.

if this normal.

ok sorry.

pls delete this thread mod

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-99.3% reload speed means that your reload speed is 0.7% of original value, or you reload takes ~142 times longer. So the UI isn't even telling you the whole story as you actually need 171 sec to reload, unless they capped the max to 120 sec.

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