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On The Dropped Bp's Post-Update


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It would appear from my observations today that the blueprints obtained after the update but prior to the hotix do not stack with the blueprints obtained before the update entirely. This paired with the fact that the new ones also serve no function within the Foundry leads me to believe that they are, in fact, a separate item not intended to actually be obtained. [For clarification: I have not tested farming post-hotfix to see if this is still the case, but I'm certain the correct item is now rewarded given the mention in the hotfix's application]

It would appear that, with the lack of a Foundry function, these are placeholder/component items, rather than blueprints themselves. One could thus reason that these are utilized for development purposed rather than user-end purposes, and item ID's or similar were switched somewhere along the way with updating today. Hell, perhaps they're not even that and the code was accidentally duplicated minus the Foundry functions due to an issue in flagging the item correctly. In any case, the two sets of blueprints acted as completely unique and separate items.

I would request that we see this retroactively fixed for those who farmed many parts today, as the blueprints do remain in our inventory despite lack of function. Those that have gone to sell them are not of concern, simply add the correct item in place of the functionless one for those of us with them still remaining. If this is not realistically feasible, then I would at least request a response from DE stating such and I will be content to move on.

EDIT: Request that this post be moved to the appropriate bugs section, as I had not realized I was still in UI Feedback when posting.

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