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Arbitration Defense Breaking | Stagger animation Stunlock permanently | Time Gating Issues


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20200330235842_1.jpgWave 20, Host left, thus host migration and the mission to break, which caused the game to think we need to locate the target again. I would also love if you could follow and hold position on the operatives without this glitch however since they often die by never going where you want them to (their health also does not scale and I like to do long arbitration runs since it's the only challenging game mode where I can have fun and go to wave 100 with level 1700 enemies without 2 super buffed oberon's).

Also to note, I got staggered while performing a throwing animation with kunai (which is long overdo for a prime) and it locked me permanently. The conditions of the effects were that I couldn't initiate sliding animations, fire, use abilities/tenno, or aim. I could take out archgun and put it away animating just fine, doing the long fall recovery animation did nothing, getting knocked down again and still be locked. I conclude that the stagger animation is causing the overlap to get stuck. This lockup also happens 9 times out of 10 in eidolons fights as well by being staggered or knocked during heavy attacks or switching weapons. Another glitch also comes from melee slamming the ground or using melee to exit archwing, the new stagger on slam also causes the hardlock. I do know that the lock also happened when I use an air melee that did not result in a slam near the ground and it also locked me in the animation. The only way to avoid getting locked on an eidolon fight is either air melee way above the ground, or getting on a Kdrive (seriously, why isn't there some button like pressing 6 to enter or exit archwing let alone that part where using the gear archwing launcher doesn't cancel it requiring Kdrive) There needs to be an animation override command in relation to the /unstuck command as a hotfix, the current command does not fix the lock, only death (which is magnified by how bad that is in Arbitration or Eidolon fights).

Scarlet Spear is working excellent and even with the reward issues and minor glitches about them, the gamemode itself worked fantastic from the start (for me at least), and I am more concerned with it working than what rewards I get out of it because I play the game for the fun and not just the rewards. I am MR 28 and have that perspective, which means the event is successful if at least some people like it. If a mode is broken but the rewards work absolutely perfect, people will complain mostly the same, but in that instance, people get annoyed, frustrated and burnt out because they don't know what is and isn't intended as opposed to rewards.

Defection is still as buggy as it always was and never got fixed, Infested salvage works but many people don't like it (I do though if it is the flat map and as an Arbitration rotation, otherwise no). However, Defection is an issue as opposed to Infested Salvage because Defection doesn't work as intended 100% of the time, unless you consider the defectors getting stuck, intended. I played defection for hundreds to nearing a thousand hours alone, also being my world-record worst luck in getting the harrow part. 9 months of active grind in 2 years, please help future players out and increase the drop chance. I see a lot of content creators have such a bad taste in their mouth with this amazing game due to burnout; this has, to some extent, clouded DE's vision of the real issues by watching their content creators complain about the wrong things. It isn't their fault either and they shouldn't be ignored since what they complain about is primarily influenced by their audience and friends. They feel the pressure differently than someone like me without obligations to a following and that is why for them, it can be hard to see a glaring issue and express it in a way that helps. The issue with burnout for instance: was less in the amount of time spent doing things, as with either things being too simple and/or not fun, or too complicated within a narrow time frame (to prevent burnout but instead caused it). 

DE, You have the freedom to make your game as complicated, as intricate, or as simple as you like, the community will always find a way to complain and it's up to you all to decide the moments where players "don't want what they think they want", but whether it causes burnout or not is entirely dependent on the players experience with the game as a whole. This is why I can say time gating gameplay, while good in essentially no case I can think of, means preventing a player from playing what they want, it is the easiest way to cause burnout IE:

(Eidolons exclusive to night without ability to start said mission at night)

(Syndicate caps before doing profit taker regardless of lore, daily caps vs something they can do "right now" to access profit taker, I've found is a huge turnoff for a lot of my friends)

(MR daily Rankups, people can hardly get more than one MR a day at the higher tiers, but for new players it's a reason for them to quit the game [should I mention that is bad?] it's one reason mobile games suck by the way)

(Even though Raids were limited to once a day, I usually only really wanted to do one a day and it wouldn't have hurt to unrestrict it.) - Side note, raids were my favorite thing in warframe and almost made me quit when removed for eidolons. Solar rail deletion killed alliances. Raid deletion killed most clans and the amount of burnout anger severely stunted the growth of the game. Bringing Raids back as soon as possible and making it well known to be coming back will bring a large amount of players back.

If anything goes wrong in a time gated event, people get mad, (including the person who messed up) burnout is beginning. When people fail on a boss fight when they did poorly, they get mad and part of them wants to do it again or they try another game mode and come back later, but when people die on a boss fight, couldn't do anything better and still failed or made one mistake that cost them enough time to make a difference in reward outcome for the time spent; burnout comes the quickest of all in those instances.

The glitches I listed previously bother me quite a bit because they are related to the game-modes that aren't new. As I said with how players react to new content and burnout, it is significantly affected by the game as a whole in relation to new things. The glitches have led me from being able to casually do eidolons around 8-9 minutes to getting so frustrated with the hard lock that I flat out quit doing them. If I could just decide what time of day to enter the Plains of Eidolon now that they aren't this "new addition that you think we shouldn't burn ourselves out on" there wouldn't be such a time gap that makes eidolons so frustrating. They cause me to get angry with the fights because they were made so hard that everything had to be so precise to save time. Another possibility is to make eidolons active on a bi daily basis and inactive every other day because of some "sentient lore" in combination with being able to pick time of day for farming (also annoys me when trying to complete riven challenges to see it night when it can only be completed during the day).

Keep up the good work DE. I love your game and awesome dev team attitude.

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