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New Heavy Caliber Mod Not Working


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new Heavy Caliber mod not working is NOT working / applying its damage to my Synapse.


here is a quick clip to show you with and without the new mod.












before as you can see I was using Bane of grineer granting me 30% more damage to grineer

I then swapped to the new mod. hoping to do at 75% more since the new mod currently grants me 105% more damage.


and I instead take 1 second LONGER to kill same boss? should be 75% faster. give or take 10% for human error.

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I think the problem might be how Faction mods apply, they increase by 30% AFTER Serration (and Heavy Caliber)

I did the math, should be 344.5% vs 370%.

Try no mod vs. Heavy Caliber, if it doesn't make difference then it's broken.

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