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Operation: Scarlet Spear: Titania Prime 27.3.7


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7 hours ago, Reifnir said:

And here's the reason. They probably wanted people with too many credits to use this pointless cred sink more, but with enemy damage scaling, your uplinks are either fine without a pathetic heal of 500 HP or they're losing HP so fast that no 500HP heal will ever matter. Either way, it was not designed well and now they're waving a nerfhammer around to "fix" that. Typical. 

I know, I've done plenty of missions by now and almost have everything I want from it (just the lacera missing). I agree with you.

10 minutes ago, Tinklzs said:

And that's fine, the issue I (and most others) have, is DE nerfing it across the board and saying "this was a bug" instead of nerfing it specifically for OPlink and stating "that was a bug". Which is why I said DE has lack of foresight until it gets point blank, right in their face, then they realize it's a thing and instead of carefully changing it to not work for OPlinks, they just knee-jerk reaction it and clear the table.  The other issue I have with it is, instead of making a mechanic that has you spend credits to heal, why not plan ahead for frames with abilities such as venari to heal it?   It's like how fortuna is with thermia fractures vs limbo, he can't put cataclysm anywhere due to null bubbles, making him effectively useless there except in niche circumstances.

With this change to venari, the one thing khora had besides her whip going for her in this event, they've removed her from the equation entirely, since enemies are immune to her 2 & 4. 

Just a shame DE makes all these interesting and neat abilities, then makes enemies completely immune to them, instead of resistant. Because it then removes so many frames/weapons from the equation of being 'useful' and makes it so players mainly use a handful of frames for certain events. Then DE wonders why we have 'meta', because they push players into a corner to do so, then get mad at us for using it, when it's their fault. If they want to fix it, they need to start designing new (and going back and upgrading old) content to utilize our abilities more, instead of hindering us. 

And I agree with you too, that "error" or lack of honesty (and without solutions) it's disrepecftul for the playerbase. Trust is a hard thing to get, when someone breakes it, probably will never see it again. The devs have to do something with this, the community doesn't trust the devs anymore because things like this and this is causing serious issues regarding communication. I'll say it again: we need actions instead words, we need to see the devs cares about the player base and not just the numbers for their investors, both things can be accomplished with an effort from them. 

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7 hours ago, -EGT-Goku said:

Thank you for this words. I can just fully agree. Never used khora in SS and i am also a khora main. The nerf is just not necessary. They don´t play their own game. They also nerfed redeemer because of the event. 

Oh i did used khora when SS just  come out my second umbral khora which i specifically have for disruption. It was terrible lol. 


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14 hours ago, xHeretic said:

normal defense objectives (excavators, kuva converted life support, regular defense (artifacts, cryopods, etc), hijack defense targets, operatives (rescue/arbis/sorties), hijacked drones, defection survivors) SHOULD be healed as intended (vazarin and khora).

Why not with Trinity? She can heal eidolon lures. Oberon heals operatives in defense. Why are abilities so arbitrarily allowed and disallowed for certain objects?

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10 minutes ago, GruntBlender said:

Why not with Trinity? She can heal eidolon lures. Oberon heals operatives in defense. Why are abilities so arbitrarily allowed and disallowed for certain objects?

I forgot to add lures. Because OPLINK is the only defense target in game who can be healed without those abilities, they made oplniks the first exception of the rule without forgetting to add another way to heal, wich is fine for me (but I don't like it at all, but I can understand it. I said VAzarin And Khora because those 2 abilities (void dash with vazarin and venari heal) can heal more than npcs It's a very niche topic tho. ALso, I don't make the rules or the game, Im just guessing based on the intrections I've used.


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On 2020-04-01 at 10:00 PM, [DE]Megan said:

We made a hasty change in Hotfix 27.3.6 that removed Venari’s Heal aura from affecting Oplinks AND Defense Targets. Firstly, the terminology of calling Venari’s Defense Target healing a ‘fix’ was incorrect, so apologies there on my behalf. It’s correct to say it was a feature for Venari, considering it had its own Tip for it! The change stemmed from our desire to resolve Operation exploits as quickly as possible, and we didn't communicate this properly.

We’re doing a deeper review on abilities that heal Defense Targets that we can speak to in the coming days.

Apologies as well for the late reply on this topic. We’ll update everyone when we’ve dug deeper and have an action plan.

So, when you say "deeper review on abilities that heal Defense Targets" you mean: 
"We are removing any reason to use Khora, Vazarin, Oberon and other means of healing targets in defense missions, including Gara's 2 not affecting the defense targets too, for that fact? 
If so, Stop there and do yourself a favor while you are still ahead. The very moment you remove our ability to heal targets using any of those methods, its going to be a S***storm. Each of those abilities is a reason why those warframes see use in that content, not to mention gutting Vazarin as a school altogether: When is last time anyone used Vazarin for anything but the heal? nobody even knows how to use the guardian shell, or how to regenerate shield using it  when playing Hildryn. Hell, nobody knows it can be used as replacement for Frost globe if use of energy pizzas is accessible. 

If you want to remove ability to heal the Oplinks, that is Ok, just say beforehand: Oplinks are not intended to be affected by abilities, so we have disabled them from bgingaffected by:
Gara's 2, Limbo's rift, Khora's Venari ~ saying you "fixed" a game mechanic you yourself have tooltiped, is not a fix unless you do a blanket fix for all of those "*exploits*".

Do not Nerf this, do not F*** this up... i beg of you now, it will only end badly and we both know it. 

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