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You Can Add To The Gear Dragon Key With Value "0"


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You can build number of the same keys.

You can use all of them.

After all keys used, icon for those keys remains in inventory, 

and letting you put keys that you don't have anymore in your gear list.


It's easy to miss key count = 0 under the icon..


Once amount of keys reaches 0, icon for those keys should be removed from invetory.





used Extinguished key during mission,

came back, built another one,

forgot to claim it.

went on the mission,

used some other key.

came back, 

discovered that I didn't get any new "dragon" rewards".

started adding new Extinguished key,

noticed value "0"

went into foundry - claimed the key.

came back to the gear menu -

seconds ago added key with value "0"

was gone..



now there is a question - if I have no "dragon" keys on me-

do I get any "dragon" rewards ?

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