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Scarlet Spear, the MR3 mistake.

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Good evening.

I wish to give my own feedback about the Scarlet Spear event, based off of my own experiences.  ( *screams into a jar.* )

1. Ground vs Space - I'm concerned about the amount of players who chose ground over space. I'm going to assume it's due to the MR3 accessibility, and how expensive the railjack quest is to complete. Having 10 ground vs 0 space, is just a waste of time and does little for the event's progress. ( Jokes on them though, as it's easier to farm space for points/materials/avionics. )

2. Now finding myself in a similar position as in Plague Star ( Host with the Most! ), I started hosting space missions in relays where there wasn't any. To my dismay, I became a taxi 90% of the time. Players who joined, just didn't know how the railjack mode worked. 

They didn't have a tool, so they couldn't make repairs. They didn't know how the stations worked. They couldn't kill the boarding parties. They couldn't leave the railjack via archwing, because they didn't have one ( for what ever reason )...

Thankfully, they did buy an oplink. However, they couldn't use it since they couldn't leave my railjack. ( *screaming inside my head.* )

3. Droping a repair drone for 75K credits, is absolute BS. The oplink only costs 1k, so the SINGLE - ONE TIME repair drone shouldn't cost more than 10K.

4. The ground missions need to come with a "flashing lights" warning, for the blast given off when the Condrix hits the ground. I don't suffer from seizures, but I decided to solo this mode so I can bail when I felt a headache coming on.

5. Since the hotfixes, I don't know if the exp share and "softlock" problems still exist in the ground missions. For those of you who don't understand what I'm talking about, allow me to explain...

A. At the event's release, there was a horrid experience share between oplinks. If you were in a full group, and everyone dropped their link, you got next to nothing. Most groups left after 4 Condrix scans, so you ended up with only 120 points total.

B. Since the ground missions are based off of excavation, the extraction point appeared after the second Condrix. If a player bailed, the mission would "softlock" for the rest of the team. This means, the Condrix would stay closed and there would be an endless wave of Grineer. The team had no choice but to extract as well, in order to keep their points and loot.


Since I made it to 50000 points tonight, and bought what I wanted ( Screw you, weapon skin! ), I'll be taking a break. If you're on PC, and truly need help, just shoot me an invite. I'll be checking my dailies everyday, so I'll see them.

Good luck.



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