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Can't Hit Shield Ospreys With Melee


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After 10.3.0, at least the corrupted shield ospreys can't be hit with any melee attack, except jump attack if it has big enough range.


I remember when I used Orthos until U10, I could kill the shield ospreys with normal melee attacks. Then I changed to Orthos Prime and that was no longer possible, I had to do spin attacks or jump spin attacks to hit them depending on their altitude.


Now it's not possible to do that with neither of these weapons, even if the animation actually hits them. Only way to kill them with melee is jump attacking continuously (it doesn't do much damage because they're never in the center of that attack).


Please fix this, preferably so you could do normal swings to kill them if they're close enough like I used to do with normal Orthos.

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