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Ash Disarms And Breaks Target Aggro On Teleport


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I heard Ash's teleport was getting a lot of attention in the way of proposals for change lately, so here's my take:


He warps behind the target and its AI has to reaquire him. He simultaneously disarms the target, which would function like a Loki disarm.


However, this promotes only smart play, as teleporting into a crowd of enemies will result in lots of pain (and one disarmed one! hooray!).


It seems like a very good solution to make Ash a dominant stealth, assassination frame while allowing him to make interesting tactical decisions, and I think the flavor is good.



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Want to make Ash a stealth assasination frame? 

.-Make his sneak attacks be OHK
.-Give him Loki's invis
.-Change the ridiculous shuriken skill into something actually usable, like the ability to deflect shots while meleeing or something like that
.-Make bladestorm kill everything in LoS.

Finally, add stealth to the game.

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I think you missed the part wherein I was talking about teleport.


OHK + Loki stealth = broken;


deflecting shots is a mod, and making it an ability would be like saying you're immune to being shot for a limited duration, which also is broken (see also damage reduction on abilities, like Rhino skin and old Ember armor);


and everybody knows that Bladestorm needs to do that.


I do agree that proper stealth mechanics would be nice, though it can be done.

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nice idea, but you are really ask to much i think ( .. in adition the PRIME rules of DE - there is no similar warframe and its style

disarm it is a Loki abilities so ...


please pay attention to my theme and idea for Ash teleport ..simple but logical i think, if you don't mind =)


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Notice that Ash can turn invisible, and Loki can turn invisible.


Also notice how many character centric explosion 4th abilities there are.


And, while I'm at it, notice how many 1st abilities amount to throwing damage at an enemy.


Disarm is one of the less used mechanics in game. If you are going to point at warframe similarities, point the finger elsewhere.

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shamless plug for my rework for ash teleport:




on topic, i don´t think this will make teleport a whole lot better. if you teleport to the enemy, you either melee him or shoot him. as you are close, he won´t have time to shoot you, so the disarm won´t have an important effect.


now, if it disarmed enemies in a small area, but for only a few seconds.....

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