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Ash Teleport (Abilities Feedback)


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Good day, dear developers and players.


I'm not going to write tons of stories arrival. I'll write a brief


Very simply ask him to make for the Ash:


Сhange ability to teleport not only to the target in sight , but anywhere will indicate the sight of the player

( within a radius of skills)


The reasons for such request anb problem:

1) in the process of fight just don't have time took aim at the object to use teleport, it takes from 2 to 4 seconds,and in case of poor visibility, where more )

2) sometimes it is much easier and faster and logical  just run to the targets ( + energy saving) with slide or air attack ..

3) the transfer does not give any advantages to the same animation cant gives instantly hit, you just open up to the enemies strikes.


And practices:

1) I NEVER, in all his time to the game NEVER seen another player on the ASH used teleport to the enemy,even a clanmates ( as well as the shuriken to the word)

2) I don't use it in battle once and in General cases are rare.

3) this is why many players clean teleport because the low efficiency ,for other more important mods.


So if add abilities ,It give opportunity:

1) to teleport will really be a teleport ( not just jump to the target)

2) you Can climb with a sniper rifle on a hill ! (why now you cant do this? with a teleport abilities???  strange really?)

3) when stealth missions, it would, indeed avoid large gatherings opponents.

4) this will dramatically change the image of the Ash as really a ninja. ( of cource energy limit but!)

5) it just looks cool =)


The theme for the founders or owners of the Ash only.


I think it is clear why.

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I really try to use teleport on enemies while in the middle of a fight.

The problem is, as mentioned by op, while you aim and activate ability in most cases you miss-aim and waste a lot of time,
and then its like you are almost there or target is already killed.

So end of story:


- For stealth play it is fine ability

- In fights its better to slide jump in targets direction with followed up melee attack.

  ( it would be nice if you could teleport where you aim at, as long as range allows it)


EDIT: fixed phone typing 

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