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Utility Shadow Based Warframe?


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Hi guys


This is probably a rather unoriginal idea but, with all the different types of warframes from nova's epileptic fit inducing antimatter to Vauban's bad-&#! librarian grenades I thought why not a shadow manipulator, a space ninja shikamaru or something.

The whole idea behind this one is guerrilla warfare


Name and archetype:


I came up with the name "Feros", I thought he would be a lightweight utility type that  can make use of the lighting system (not really enough of that to make note of) his stats being identical to Loki but slightly slower and with a health of 90


Skill a) Cost 50


Shade, deploy a decoy figure that lasts as long as Saryn's molt however when touched by an enemy it converts him to your side for a brief moment maybe <25 seconds afterwards the victim will revert. At base level it only works on grunt tier enemies, at level 2 it can affect advanced tier enemies and at level 3 it can affect elite tier. 

(Perhaps multiple enemies?)


i.e. Grineer grunt > Grineer Pyro > Grineer commando or heavy gunner


Skill b) Cost 100 (Ult)


Dark shroud, When triggered causes the screen to go black and audio to cut for a split second and fades in again, enemies are 'blinded' for a brief moment say 8 seconds and you as well as your team mates go into stealth when within shadows for <25 seconds (this is much higher than Loki's base invisibility however it is balanced due to the requirement of shadows). 


Blinding and stealth duration increases with level 


Skill c) Cost 35


Dash pad, As the name suggests is a pad that can be placed that shoots you a short distance (5 metres) forward quickly. When shot the pad is placed with a direction (small arrow or indicator), the direction is based on where your mouse is in conjunction to where the pad lands. The pad also places an approximate marker to see where it ends (Maybe?).


It can be fired twice (shooting a third will make the first disappear) , lasts for 10 uses (not limited by time) and can be placed any distance from the player at base level. 

(Perhaps it could shoot upwards when stuck to a wall for better parkour?)


Yes, it can be used to turn enemies (or teammates?) into cannon fodder causing it to do 10% of the victim's total health in damage allowing this technique to possibly scale to higher levels. (armor ignore?)


Increasing the level of this skill increases the amount it can be fired to a max of 6 times and uses can extend to 16 for dissipating. If used as a weapon it can deal up to a max of 25% of the total health of the victim.

(if this has armor ignore mods will not improve this)


Skill d) Cost 75


Mirk, Acts similar to snow globe. Enemies can shoot in however they cannot see you and therefore shoot in the general area of the Mirk, Melee type enemies have a chance to completely miss when about to strike when in the Mirk and Jihad bomber enemies explode about 2.5 metres inside of the Mirk. Mirk also highlights enemies similar infra red optics


The range of the Mirk is initially a radius of 2.8 metres it can be extended to 4.8 increasing by 0.4 each level can be altered by stretch. Lasts 1 minute at all levels. (This time is due to significantly smaller space and lack of slow and damaging debuffs) The chance of melee enemies missing increases as well to a max of 40%



So after numbering a couple possible names (mainly looking at the English to Greek translator) I tried to find something that sounded warframey and related to darkness in some possible way and I came up with 'Feros' derived from the Greek word ζοφερός (- the zo), derived from tenebrous derived from synonym.com of dark meaning "Dark, shadowy or obscure"



Well I personally like the skills, with exception to mirk not sure about that one. Anyway I took a guess at stats to balance ,referring to pre-existing skills to give me a better judge but I don't think I'm very good at it.


Lets make this guy a female due to the other two stealth frames being male cause why not?

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Interesting, but his powers don't seem to have ANY time to them, making them completely useless.

5 second's isn't enough time for an enemy to turn around, and start doing anything considerable to the enemy.

Dash pad is interesting, but kinda a re-hash of Bounce.

Mirk and Dark Shroud seem like you're trying to make a second Stalker.

I'd love to see more stealth frames, and a darkness based one is probably a good idea to, I think he might just need a few tweaks here and there.

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Hah! I thought I'd be horrible at balancing yeah... I haven't played the game in a long time got severe burnout syndrome 


Yes I thought about bounce as well, but I was hoping that dash pad could be chained together or used with a shotgun to make a sort of get in get out vanguard. That and dash pad is also a weapon if used that way...


I can see some pretty interesting combos with Vauban.. i.e. Vortex + Dash pad in a choke point


Stalker was the more or less inspiration, hey maybe if he is ever added he could be stalker parts? Probably not that lore friendly though and perhaps too difficult to obtain.

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Yeah, it should be there this is more forum newby than intentional


However advertising isn't that bad too much is but two links aren't


Advertising is the same as adding to a forum the only difference is a link so I'm failing to see the problem'


Anyway thanks for the heads up I posted a link to a copy in the proper section here :



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