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Corrupted Mods + Sound Quake


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(This lil' thread's dedicated to Sixty5, yo)


So I recently saw the above mentioned Banshee user talking about Sound Quake/Radial Disarm with corrupted mods like Overextended.


Why just stop at one mod?


This can be applied to all Warframes that have AoE abilities, but my main focus at the moment is Banshee.


Now, say you want power range! What do you use other than Stretch? Why, Overextended, of course! That's a 90% range increase to the original 20 meters, not counting Stretch. But what about its -60% power strength? Then slap on Blind Rage! That's a +99% power strength, completely removing Overextended's negative aspect. But who likes having -55% power efficiency? No one, that's who. That's why you'll also be using Fleeting Expertise, to increase your efficiency by 60%! And since power duration changes doesn't affect Sound Quake, everything has come full circle.


... Unless you want duration for your other abilities, then you should put in Narrow Minded as a fourth mod, for its +99% Power Duration. Its -66% power range will be negated by Overextended, and everything has come full... square? Rectangle? Parallelogram? Who knows! What matters is that you now have an OP Warframe; get out and use her!





I'm apparently back to 256kbps, just in time for the update. See you guys next year!

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