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Operation: Scarlet Spear: TennoGen 27.3.8 + +

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3 hours ago, Patacakes said:

Network not responding can be related to many things, not just from the DE server. your internet could be slow, or being used by another service,  I.E  Netflix, downloads, torrents, consoles updating,  background processes updating etc. or your service provider is experiencing lag due to over load of use in your area.  - this is becoming a common issue around the world as more people stay at home. 

I like your idea of some script that will clear the Railjack of enemies on returning to the flotilla. it ssuper annoying to fight lvl 100+ enemies as soon as i get on my railjack for the following attempts during then event. 

Also Have no idea why the red orb thing can do AOE damage even when protected by stuff like Limbos rift. its quite a random thing to have. 

anyway.  for the network errors,  the host migrations, the random stuff spawning inside the event flotilla. this is normally still a communication issue.  either by you, if your the host, or the host themselves. 

to double check that everything is in order at your end. do these 3 things to make sure its all correct. 

Verify your files ( by using verify game files on the launcher before pressing play) after, optimize cache, to remove any old cache files that may be causing loading errors, like what you experienced on the flotilla) 

then .. the most important.  make sure the correct ports for warframe are open for your PC  through both your firewall, and in your router / modem. 
Warframe will work even if those ports are not open, but communication is severely reduced, and as a result you wil lget alot of connection and communicaiton issues if those ports are not open. (Upnp is supposed to do this automatically - but sometimes on some routers it does not. so its best to manually add them)  you can PM me if you need further help on opening ports. 

yeah , thing is it started only after last patch , and my network is pretty fast (if not the fastest available) and i had no connectivity issues before last patch .

all my previous network issues i ever had with this game were fixed by DE , meaning they were server sided.

thanks for the advice though .

i should also add another annoying point while im already here..

Make lil duck's dialogue skippable in the flotilla , i had to listen to her blab again due to a misclick and i couldnt skip whatsoever ..

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Will Hildryn be getting a new passive? since shield gating is a universal and better system. perhaps something like her armour applies to her shields or something along those lines would be pretty sweet and simple. 

 her base armour is 300 and with all umbral mods gives her 877, which isn't  a huge amount but will let her survive higher level content  and allow her kit to be used more freely, as it is now the animation time to go in and out of her 4 although looking cool can be fatal at higher levels. way i see it she would get tankier and it would make it more fluid gameplay because essentially her health is her energy and when you get low you basically have to scurry around till you have enough of a pool to play again.

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17 hours ago, TaigenRaine said:

Yes, warframe abilities properly modded make high level play easier.  Shocking.  So do fully modded weapons, tanky frames, frames with scaling damage, being invisible, and nearly anything you spend weeks to months going through the most monotonous, grindy parts of this game to get.  Then you finally get an event that makes that work pay off, and the whining comes, and the devs go nerf crazy in absolute panic mode.

Stop bathing in self-pity. Limbo does not make it easier, he completely trivializes it. Huge difference. His kit was broken since the day he was released/reworked. The crazy part is, DE needed an event to happen to realize what they created and that many Frames break game design with over the top abilities.

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2 hours ago, Ouspon said:

don't want a scarlet spear! want new operator hairstyles!

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Yo Way Yo one would be good.

I wish Scarlet Spear was working properly, I'm saddened to spend hours playing it for broken rewards, or not what you thought you'd get because of broken relays, broken upload codes not sending so no bonus rewards because the relay cannot get to 100/100, I really wanted to finish off some arcanes and other goodies but alas I know I won't finish them off.
As much as I love playing Warframe 24/7 farming and grinding, I don't like grinding when it breaks.
To stop being disheartened I've been playing Borderlands 3 to keep my mind off such a broken event.

I should have also put a thank you to DE for all the content and hard work, it's really appreciated and I enjoy playing it, especially Railjack and Lich's I really like. 

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forgot a part.
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6 hours ago, ShortCat said:

Stop bathing in self-pity. Limbo does not make it easier, he completely trivializes it. Huge difference. His kit was broken since the day he was released/reworked. The crazy part is, DE needed an event to happen to realize what they created and that many Frames break game design with over the top abilities.

Hmm, if he is so broken, then why is Limbo Prime the 20th most popular frame on average according to usage statistics, and Limbo is sitting at 27.  Mag is still a more popular frame to play then either Limbo or Limbo Prime.  What makes this event trivial is any CC, and CC has been off-meta for years now.  Noone wants to CC enemies when they can just kill them.  What people really hate is when you make enemies harder to kill, which is what Limbo does most of the time.  The thing about CC is if you want it to have any place in the game, you have to let it be good when it is good.  In a mission where you don't have to kill enemies, just last X amount of time and keep some things safe, CC is going to be the thing you need (unless you can just wipe the room of all enemies consistantly and quickly....).  That should have been obvious from the start when designing this event.  The reason people don't just hide in cataclysm in survival is because you if you don't kill things - fast - you lose.  Even in defense you have to kill the waves.  Limbo does make excavation and mobile defense easy, but those game modes are usually so easy that people still don't feel the need to use him - Frost or Gara or just the usual kill all the things you see does a good enough job until enemy levels get really high.

Limbo is only good at one very niche thing - making sure that nothing outside a nullifier bubble gets anywhere near an objective.  Until this event, that was really only useful on extreme difficulty defense and excavations.  Being good at one thing is not broken, or else every single frame is broken.  By your logic, Chroma is broken for single target damage, Inaros, Rhino, Nidus, Nezha are broken for tanking, Trinity, Oberon, and Wisp are broken for buffing.  Even Nyx, sitting at the very bottom of the usage chart completely trivializes interception missions.  You literally just stand there and press a button and the enemies get lost/try to kill each other, so better nerf her too.  They all trivialize certain content.  That is the whole point of 'space magic', if you use it the right way at the right time, you win (after grinding for the exact right mods for the build and the endo to level them all up).

So, what all you whiners will end up doing is reducing this whole game into a bland shootem up, where every frame plays exactly the same, and none stand out anywhere for any reason, cause that would be unfair and your little feelings would get hurt.  So please, stop bathing in ignorance, look at a bigger picture then the thing you are doing right now.  Over the top IS part of the game design of warframe, it is what makes it stand out from other games.

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You're right. I would say more Limbo is greatly useful to guaranted the succes on very rewarding high difficulty defense missions. And Scarlet Spear is the first to offer this kind of missions (making the oplink unhealable, giving him a flat health while mobs have scalable damage and rewarding the time spent staying in mission instead of starting a new one). The bold part explains why Limbo is generally not used.

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