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Operation: Scarlet Spear: TennoGen 27.3.8 + +


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"Fixed inability to Polarize the Dark Split-Sword with Stance Forma or Umbra Forma."

Thank you!!

Can you please  buff / make viable  the Stug, Sonicor and other such weapons that have only been nerfed for years to only be nerfed again by AOE falloff changes?

'Cause yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh... if they were any worse they would be healing enemies instead of damaging them...


Also, these need status mechanic changes made to them after the Status Changes updates...

0% status, oOOOoooooOOOOOOooo so viable... lol and also very confusing to people who want to mod this since it is crap on crit and WORSE than crap on status...so that leaves "tons of options"... lol


Seriously though... please look at these forgotten and left behind weapons. Thanks.

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I would have replied on the earlier post, but this just came out so...

While I thank you for still working during this time to correct what is acknowledged as a flawed event by the community, I am getting increasingly annoyed, as are others, at the blatant lack of accountability that you are showing. It is surprising that we players have to fill your forums with posts, which you end up ignoring, that your "partners" are constantly getting ignored despite whatever constructive criticism they give. I am very surprised that the the analysis u made was that limbo was trivialising the event. That line very nearly caused me to use some rather unappealing language here. The problem is not with limbo. You are just punishing players for playing at this point.

On the point of increasing the length of the event, thanks. Very kind of you to acknowledge that we players wasted our time these first few weeks, albeit in a roundabout fashion. What I do not understand is why consoles, switch etc. are getting the same duration? Were they involved in the testing that pc players were doing for you? 

This post is already too long. It is not, however, complete. Your player base is airing many grievances, and are providing solutions, effective and ingenious solutions, alongside. It seems you are just going to ignore them too, as you seemed to have done constantly. Pls listen and stop giving such absurd "fixes" and not expect the community to blast at you without restraint. 

Thank you for your work and congrats to the tennogen creators.

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ok wtf my lich looks different now and has a kuva hind instead of bramma. Also the tab where you could see murmmur progress and past liches is gone for me. Also the planet my lich controlled isnt normal again. WTf DE. also the tennogen pretty garbage not gonna lie.

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The event is trivialized by the trivial nature of the mission itself. After 7 years you should stop pretending that a mobile defense is a compelling design.

Regarding the arcane price, 4000 credits for a legendary may be a fair price only considering the proposed increase in credit gain. After having played already a lot on this buggy, shallow and monotonous event, a fair move would be that all of us that playtested its first week get their earned credits recounted accordingly.

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20 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

We’re doing a deeper review on abilities that heal Defense Targets that we can speak to in the coming days.

Translation: “We want to make Warframe abilities LESS useful.”

Okay, why don’t y’all just get rid of Warframe abilities entirely since y’all want to turn this into Gears of Warframe?

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3 minutes ago, UFOLoche said:

Ehhh, it's awful but to be fair, the Legendaries are kind of above and beyond the other arcanes.  This is partly because most of the arcanes are terrible, but still.

I think 3k woulda been a fair cost.

The goal here is not at all to increase the arcane grind, we wanna correct mistakes in the meta, not squeeze you for the grind, you don't have to go back to Eidolons, you'll have Scarlet Spear". - Steve Sinclair, Devstream 139

I disagree. DE said this and much more when talking about the arcane changes. Yet what do we see? These arcane changes, which in their own right does NOTHING of actual value in terms of balance, was done purely to make people play the horridly boring grind fest of SS. DE even used the patented broken excuse of "this isn't working as intended" even though arcanes have been in the game for years.

The point is not "power", the point is DE LIED about not wanting to make us grind for even more. I would have never done this event past the 2 new weapons, DE knew players like me would have done the exact same and so they more than doubled the arcanes we need. That is extremely dishonest on the part of DE.

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25 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Healing AOE Review

We made a hasty change in Hotfix 27.3.6 that removed Venari’s Heal aura from affecting Oplinks AND Defense Targets. Firstly, the terminology of calling Venari’s Defense Target healing a ‘fix’ was incorrect, so apologies there on my behalf. It’s correct to say it was a feature for Venari, considering it had its own Tip for it! The change stemmed from our desire to resolve Operation exploits as quickly as possible, and we didn't communicate this properly.

We’re doing a deeper review on abilities that heal Defense Targets that we can speak to in the coming days.

Apologies as well for the late reply on this topic. We’ll update everyone when we’ve dug deeper and have an action plan.

Oh, my. They actually admitted it for once, and dialed back on it. Sure, it only took being caught red-handed in nearly the most definitive possible way, but still. Maybe this is progress? I hope?


Please, DE, give up on pretending deliberate changes are "fixes" to "bugs". This phrasing ticks people off much worse than the action itself ever could- I mean, it's just a game, and will still only be a game no matter what happens to it. But receiving such obvious and childish deflection because people don't want to own their decisions is a whole other, more personal thing.

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4 minutes ago, HowWesWasOne said:

Translation: “Fight the boss the way WE want you to.”

Nah, the translation is "We know how much the entire player base hates us catering to five* people who have literally everything in existence optimized to the absolute peak of broken, so instead of fixing that and offering properly thought out content with sane levels of challenge rather than invulnerability based on tiny hitbox weakpoints and hypermobility, also complete and utter BS levels of damage from things that have no reason doing that much damage because lolscaling." Oh, also let's not forget that shieldgating is entirely useless the way they have dumped it for tenno, due to most of the most infuriating things that shieldgating was supposed to negate STILL HAPPEN due to being multiple tick instances in near simultaneous timing rather than single instances of damage.

They've been lying about a lot of things for a couple years now, and just about every other major content drop they try some new blatantly bad idea or attempt to get it past the community at large.

*note: the actual number of people doesn't matter given it is always a tiny fraction of their overall player base.

This event was supposed to be both an alternative to eidolon grinding for people who couldn't for whatever reason, and a way for those who had max arcanes to get theirs back to level. The changes to limbo in particular are going to relegate this to being tridolons 2.0 and even if the event becomes a recurring thing, it'll have the exact same problem because DE doesn't seem to grasp that people want to play things other than the standard chroma/mesa/rhino/volt/trin/oberon combos.

Also, their "adaptive theme" excuse is garbage unless they're going to add diminishing returns to literally every warframe power where setients are concerned. (and even they know how bad they'd be shooting themselves in the foot if they did that. so they know how flimsy and stupid this excuse is for things but still try to slide it past us.)

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11 minutes ago, ElRomero said:

Players - "DE we need other ways to farm the Murex as Limbo is boring and we want options" 


DE answer - "Nerf Limbo"

Not really a nerf, more of a mistake correction. Every skill has diminishing returns against them because they adapt. Rhinos Stomp for example will CC for the full duration the first time but only 50 - 70% of it the 2nd time. They are just putting it on the same level as other frames.

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hace 3 minutos, m0b1us1 dijo:

I would have never done this event past the 2 new weapons, DE knew players like me would have done the exact same and so they more than doubled the arcanes we need. That is extremely dishonest on the part of DE.


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Yes, nerf Limbo because of course.

But lets NOT change how to counter the Sentient adaptive powers when:
a) Shedu is crap
b) Your operator powers do not work while in stasis and do not reset their resistances
c) Going into my operator has a chance to make the game think my OpLink is dead for some reason and ending my run.
d) Paracessis is the only proper way to kill Sentients provided they are not above ground so you have to jump like a stupid frog.
e) Maybe release the Command intrinsic tree already for people trying to do that bit solo so that we do not have to use stuff like Limbo and his stasis.
f ) The Battalyst spinning laser attack does not get stopped despite the stasis, it keeps spinning and damaging you.

And don't anyone here dare to say its made for groups.
Its only for groups because no reason e) above

Instead of releasing those supposed (leaked) mods if they are true, maybe start giving us some mods to ... you know ... actually WORK against Sentients?
Like mods that passively remove their resistances or mods that make normal weapon shots remove them or make it have less %chance of them building a resistance to them?

But yes ... lets nerf because we are DE.

Edit: added reason f )

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