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Buy Those Weapons Bp



Just dropping it here in case some of you didn't notice, Gorgon, Dual Ether Daggers, Boar and Machete are retiring from the market, that means that they will no longer be acquirable.

I strongly advise you buy at least one BP each, even if you own the actual weapon you won't feel like you can't sell it in the future if you have an extra BP in the foundry.

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Can you here it? "OMG DOESSSS GUYS GET EXLUSIVESSS NEERRFF OR BRING IT BAKK ITZ TOO OP" yea it will come later on in the game I swear. Other then that I have had the Gorgon for a while it was one of my first guns I bought in the game market :)

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Dual Ether is good, isn't it ?


What is the source regarding those bps end of sale ?

The Dual Ether, consisting of a dagger and a sword together, is good. The Ether Daggers, which are just 2 daggers and the weapon that's being removed, are pretty S#&$ since they have poor damage and, unlike Dual Ether, no armor ignore.


(At least I hope I got everything matched up correctly there)

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